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2. The industry of wearable computers is growing quickly.The technology needed is becoming more affordable and readily available, new materials are constantly being invented. However, outside of school environments, very few people are playing with these new materials. They dont have the access or skills needed. A new space is needed, a place where people of shared interests can get together and learn from each other through play and experimentation. Stitched Wearables Lab will be a breeding ground for creativity and innovation in the future of wearables.
3. There is a growing trend of DIY spaces, people are starting to take matters into their own hands when it comes to learning and doing things. Bio Labs like GenSpace provide people with the tools and facilities they need to explore and learn without a very large investment. Stitched Wearable Labs will be similar in that it is a shared space, where people can experiment and learn about new technologies and materials used in wearable computing, and work and learn from people interested in similar things.
4. By making a space like this, you give people the chance to experiment and create new things. While this type of experimentation does take place in certain universities, by doing this is a open space, people have more freedom to pursue whatever they want without having to follow certain guidelines that schools set that might be quite restricting.
All information obtained and everything done here will be documented online for everyone to be able to access.
5. 6. Exhibition space
Lab / Working Area
Materials Library
Weekly Workshops
Online Data Center
7. Lab Area
Has all the tools you could ever need to do anything.
Sewing Machines
Laser Cutter
Digital Fabric Printer
Large Format Printer and Scanner for Patterns
Heat Press
Circuit Board Etcher
Grow-Your-Own-Leather Station
Materials Library: Thermo-chromic Photo-chromic Electroluminescent Inks, Nitinol, Conductive Materials, etc.
8. Materials Library
Has examples of new materials and detailed schematics or instructions on how it was done.
9. 10. The industry of wearable computers is growing quickly, and we need a space to keep up. Stitched will become a think-tank for wearable computing and materials investigation, a place for innovation and exploration to take over.
By creating a fun, laid back environment full of like minded people and the tools they need, you help people to continue creating and inventing new and amazing things.
11. Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
GenSpace. New Yorks Community Lab.
Schicker, Kathy. Glow Textiles.
Smart Textiles Blend LEDs, Circuits, and Sensors. Wired.