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  • 1. Paul & Maryam.:)))))))) General Electric, AIG, Alcoa , &IBM

2. GE(General Electric)

    • GE or General Electric is a major company that is worldwide and is a huge part of the americain industry.
    • It does technology, media, and financial services.GE produces gas, steam and water treatment services and equipment.Othas are:Television Broadcasting Stations, Railroad Equipment, X-Ray Apparatus And Tubes And Related Irradiation Apparatus, Service Industry Machinery, Not Elsewhere Classified, Electromedical And Electrotherapeutic Apparatus, Miscellaneous Business Credit Institutions, Motors And Generators, Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts
    • The company has many other sectors including aerospace engineering, housing materials, and much more.
    • CEO: Jeffrey R. Immelt; 323000 employees
    • GE will potentially grow because it's new earnings were triple the amount in the quarter before.

3. General Electric gg 4. AIG

    • American International Groupprovides insurance and financial services in the United States and internationally
    • General Insurance, Life Insurance and Retirement Services, Financial Services, and Asset Management
    • The company was founded in 1967 and is based in New York, New York.
    • CEO: Mr. Robert H. Benmosche
    • I think this stock will perform well because it was once a very rich company, but due to the recession, it became sour.

5. AIG 6.

International Business Machine Corp., IBM, -0.53% 7. IBM

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It is a multinational corporation and an IT consulting corporation. IBM's earnings growth over the next 5 years is estimated to be 10.83%. Dividing its PE by this growth rate 9.49 / 10.83 we get 0.87, this is the company's PEG. This is very attractive, good investments will have a PEG less than 1.0.This attractive PEG combined with an attractive dividend yield of 2.4% may indicate a good investment choice. 8. Alcoa Inc.,AA

9. Alcoa Inc, AA

This is the world's third largest producer of aluminum. It operates in 44 countries. Alcoa is an interesting stock because: It has not been this low since the early 90s but they are bound to eventually grow.Alcoa has been one of those commodity stocks that has been beaten up," said William Lefkowitz, options strategist at brokerage firm vFinance Investments in New York."However, investors who believe that the worldwide economies are going to start to turn around and are beginning to show signs of light at the end of the tunnel have begun buying shares of Alcoa." He also said next week's Alcoa results "may be better than a lot of the gloomier estimates." I think that would be true as well.