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<p>STOCK MARKET MANTRAS FOR BEGINNERS</p> <p>STOCK MARKET TIPS FOR BEGINNERS</p> <p>TIP-1Always analyse the patterns. Stock follows PatternsStocks Follows trends.To make money we have to be with trend .</p> <p>TIP-2Do not Invest your money in the stock market on the basis of news seen in news papers and news telecast in related to stocks and rumors etc,Do your own research and invest. You are the hero in your film.</p> <p>TIP-3Always keep a financial goal. Once it fulfill , Exit the stock. Means for example I want to buy a bike. and I got profit of Rs150000 , I reached my goal so I will exit. If you keep on thinking of more and more money , you will definitely loose the money.</p> <p>TIP-4Dont put your money in limited number of stocks. Dont put all eggs in one basket. Invest money in different different sector companies.Follow top most mutual fund holdings. And do your analyze on those stocks.</p> <p>TIP-5Stock is not a wife to attach with your emotions.Do not get emotionally attached to them. Sell the stock if the demand is falling.</p> <p>TIP-6Dont sit idle after buying the stock. Exit blindly if stop loss triggers!Quick losses are the best losses.</p> <p>TIP-7All will think share price of the company is depend on the business of the company. Business of the company is no way related to its stock price movement.</p> <p>2. Stock prices are depend upon demand and supply.</p> <p>BULLET POINTSIf you buy stocks based on news seen , you will became fool by management of the company. Follow Patterns.Stocks prices are depend on demand &amp; supply not business of the company.Keep a financial goal and after fulfill it take the money to home. Don't Expect more than that!Keep money in different sector companies.</p> <p> CA.SAIKRISHNA SAIVA</p> <p>Respect the Money. How much you will respect the money that much you will get back.</p>