stop! collaborate and listen: a roundtable for new professionals

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Stop! Collaborate and Listen: A Roundtable for New Professionals. Presented by:. Kelly Ammendolia , M.A., Assistant Director of Residence Life, University of Puget Sound. Curran Craig, BSc (Special), Residence Life Coordinator, Grant MacEwan University. NWACUHO Conference February 2010. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Stop! Collaborate and Listen: A Roundtable for New Professionals

Stop! Collaborate and Listen:A Roundtable for New ProfessionalsPresented by:Kelly Ammendolia, M.A.,Assistant Director of Residence Life,University of Puget SoundCurran Craig, BSc (Special),Residence Life Coordinator,Grant MacEwan UniversityNWACUHO Conference February 2010

Talking PointsThe Personal Life of a New ProfessionalLive-in Lifestyles and work-life balanceUnderstanding Institutional culture and fitWhen is it time to move on/up in the fieldHow to create a professional development plan and how/when to get involved regionally/nationally

Talking PointsUtilizing TechnologyIdeas for technology infusion into trainings and programmingFacebook and other media for publication and recruitmentIssues surrounding the use of technology

Talking PointsWorking with Millennial Student TrendsMental Health PracticesIssues related to student staff and residentsAdvising versus supervisingStudent conduct/discipline models and practicesTraining models and programming initiatives

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