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Atlassian is growing at a phenomenal rate. As the company scales, how will we continue to deliver great user experiences? Looking at the tools and techniques used by the JIRA Design Team, we'll cover ideas and strategies that you can build into your own processes to collaborate as an experience-lead team.


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2. Collaborative designHow we do design on the JIRA teamDEAN HUDSON UX DESIGNER ATLASSIAN @DEANHUDSON 3. COLLABORATIVEDESIGNTALK TO YOURCUSTOMERSCOLLABORATIVETECHNIQUES 4. Collaborativedesign 5. Collaborativedesign 6. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN 7. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN 8. COLLABORATIVE DESIGNProblems with thisapproach:NO OWNERSHIPNO COMMUNICATIONSINGLE PERSPECTIVE 9. #atlassianCOLLABORATIVE DESIGNCollaborative design is all about gettingmultiple perspectives on a problem. 10. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN 11. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN 12. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN 13. COLLABORATIVE DESIGNThree benefits:OWNERSHIPALIGNMENTKNOWLEDGE 14. COLLABORATIVE DESIGNThree benefits:OWNERSHIPALIGNMENTKNOWLEDGE 15. COLLABORATIVE DESIGNThree benefits:OWNERSHIPALIGNMENTKNOWLEDGE 16. COLLABORATIVE DESIGNThree benefits:OWNERSHIPALIGNMENTKNOWLEDGE 17. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN 18. CollaborativedesignDesign bycommitteeCOLLABORATIVE DESIGN 19. Dont ship @#$%&!up horses! JURGEN SPANGL, HEAD OF DESIGNCOLLABORATIVE DESIGN 20. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN Design choices 21. Collaborativetechniques 22. Collaborativetechniques 23. CollaborativetechniquesWORKSHOPSDESIGN SPIKESMAKE WORK VISIBLE 24. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUESWorkshops 25. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUESWho should youinvite? 26. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 27. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUESVisualise your ideas 28. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 29. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 30. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUESDesign spike 31. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 32. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 33. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 34. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUESMake work visible 35. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 36. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 37. COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES 38. Talk to yourcustomers 39. Talk to yourcustomers 40. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERSBusiness Customer 41. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERSUXBusiness Customer 42. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERSWhen should yoube talking withyour customers? 43. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERSAll the time. 44. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERSContinuous discovery 45. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERSContinuous discoveryResearch Research Research ResearchProduct design 46. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS 47. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS 48. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS 49. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS 50. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS 51. Summary 52. Summary 53. Collaborative design Better understanding of the problem Ownership & alignment Shared knowledge 54. Collaboration tools Workshops Design spikes Sharing work 55. Talk to your customers Design with your users, not for your users Set up a regular cadence Involve the whole team 56. Thank you!DEAN HUDSON UX DESIGNER ATLASSIAN @DEANHUDSON