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Stop Crying Start Trying

Smart SolutionsBharat Vaghelabharatmvaghela@gmail.comShree Swaminarayan College of Computer Science

Stop CryingAlways Crying about different things doesnt make any difference Always Complaining about different things doesnt make any differenceAlways Criticizing things doesnt make any difference

A woman wears her tears like jewelry. ~Author Unknown

Why are we crying


Start Trying When we start When we Initiative When we have the Power When we prove When we show THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE

Talk with your Performance

Never Stops.Concentrate more when you walk alone and you can clearly See your Mission , Objective and Goal

Hope A powerful weapon A hope is a very Powerful weapon for everyone . So always have hope in your heart


Show yourself

No one have the power and Courage to cross that sea Be Like Sea having storm Dont let anyone to cross you


How you see yourself


Dont be a loser Be a Winner

Dont be a loser because loser always Complain Be a Winner because winner always person Reasons doesnt Matter Results Matter


Hit it to the fullest and always be positive

Hit your problem so hard and throw it out of your life like batsman hitting a ball for six out of the groundRemember, Fragrance of Good deeds of person flows in all directions


Be Unique

Be unique and different from others

Dont be a follower , Be a Leader

Choose your own Path Only Unique person is Recognized first


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