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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Stop Crying Start Trying</p> <p>Smart SolutionsBharat Vaghelabharatmvaghela@gmail.comShree Swaminarayan College of Computer Science</p> <p>Stop CryingAlways Crying about different things doesnt make any difference Always Complaining about different things doesnt make any differenceAlways Criticizing things doesnt make any difference </p> <p>A woman wears her tears like jewelry. ~Author Unknown</p> <p>Why are we crying</p> <p>PROBLEMORREACTCHANCEGOALBLAME</p> <p>Start Trying When we start When we Initiative When we have the Power When we prove When we show THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE</p> <p>Talk with your Performance</p> <p>Never Stops.Concentrate more when you walk alone and you can clearly See your Mission , Objective and Goal </p> <p>Hope A powerful weapon A hope is a very Powerful weapon for everyone . So always have hope in your heart</p> <p>ANDOR</p> <p>Show yourself </p> <p>No one have the power and Courage to cross that sea Be Like Sea having storm Dont let anyone to cross you</p> <p>RESPONDREACT</p> <p>How you see yourself</p> <p>CHOICECHANCE</p> <p>Dont be a loser Be a Winner</p> <p> Dont be a loser because loser always Complain Be a Winner because winner always person Reasons doesnt Matter Results Matter</p> <p>DESIREGOAL</p> <p>Hit it to the fullest and always be positive </p> <p>Hit your problem so hard and throw it out of your life like batsman hitting a ball for six out of the groundRemember, Fragrance of Good deeds of person flows in all directions</p> <p>PUZZLEPROBLEM</p> <p>Be Unique</p> <p> Be unique and different from others</p> <p> Dont be a follower , Be a Leader</p> <p> Choose your own Path Only Unique person is Recognized first </p> <p>LESSONBLAME</p> <p>I Kindly Thankful to Thank YouFor Investing your time with meThanking You</p>