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A brief analysis on the short stories for "A tangled web".


<ul><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 1/20</p><p>STORIESANALYSISLets see if you are ready for the test</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 2/20</p><p>EDNA BACK FROM AMERICA</p><p>BYCLAREBOYLAN</p><p> Edna</p><p> June</p><p> Starting a new life</p><p> Violent life</p><p>Fear of loneliness</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 3/20</p><p>PLOTEdna Back From America</p><p> Exposition:</p><p> Rising action:</p><p> Climax:</p><p> Falling action:</p><p> Resolution:</p><p>June remembers her childhood up to Muriels</p><p>calling</p><p>June is called Edna by Muriel</p><p>When they are in the car, June decides to go along</p><p>with this lie</p><p>All the information that she receives about her</p><p>husband</p><p>Theres no resolution; the story has an open</p><p>ending</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 4/20</p><p>NEIGHBOURS</p><p>BYPAULTHEROUX</p><p> R. Wigley</p><p> Man in 4C</p><p>Scadutto</p><p> Lack of</p><p>tolerance Judgemental</p><p> Obsesion</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 5/20</p><p>Neighbours</p><p> Exposition:</p><p> Rising action:</p><p> Climax:</p><p> Falling action:</p><p> Resolution:</p><p>Beginning of the story: All the description of the3 characters</p><p>When they go to the pub and Vics starts asking</p><p>awkard questions</p><p>Wigleys attitude towards the narrator</p><p>comments</p><p>The narrator goes to knock on 4Cs door to</p><p>complain directly. Nobody answers</p><p>Since Wigley left it seems that the storm trooper</p><p>is gone too</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 6/20</p><p>Plot 2 Exposition:</p><p> Rising action:</p><p> Climax:</p><p> Falling action:</p><p> Resolution:</p><p>Beginning of the story: All the description of the3 characters</p><p>When they go to the pub and Vics starts asking</p><p>awkard questions</p><p>The narrator goes to knock on 4Cs door to</p><p>complain directly. Nobody answers</p><p>Since Wigley left it seems that the storm trooper</p><p>is gone too</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 7/20</p><p>THEHERO</p><p>BYJOANNATROLLOPE</p><p> Captain Campbell</p><p> Signora Campbell</p><p> Narrator</p><p>Hero image</p><p>Revealing the truth</p><p>Looking for</p><p>inspiration</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 8/20</p><p>The Hero</p><p> Exposition:</p><p> Rising action:</p><p> Climax:</p><p>Falling action:</p><p> Resolution:</p><p>Description of reasons of the writer to be in the</p><p>island</p><p>He finds the story of Captain Campbell</p><p>He finds out the story is a lie</p><p>He goes back to the island, brings back the</p><p>book</p><p>He doesnt tell theCaptains widow, he decides</p><p>not to write the book</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 9/20</p><p>TASTE</p><p>BYROALDDAHL</p><p>Conflict:</p><p>Man vs Man: Schoffield</p><p>and Pratt. Egos</p><p>involved.</p><p>Man vs Society:</p><p>Chauvinism.Man vs self: Mr</p><p>Schofield struggles</p><p>against himself against</p><p>getting into the bet</p><p>Setting</p><p>Place: Dinner party/London</p><p>Time: 20thCentury, after</p><p>WWII</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 10/20</p><p>PLOT Exposition:</p><p> Rising Actions:</p><p> Climax:</p><p> Falling actions:</p><p> Resolution:</p><p>Dinner party at the Schofields house, a special guest arrives</p><p>(Mr. Pratt) who is challenged by the host to bet on knowledge ofwine</p><p>As the host chooses a very rare wine their bet begins to</p><p>rise resulting in having Louise as a prize if Mr. Pratt names</p><p>the wine accurately.</p><p>Against all odds previously thought by Mr. Schofield, Mr Pratt calls</p><p>on the type of wine, from a tiny harvest is France. In horror the</p><p>Schofield family stares Mr. Pratt knowing that they now will have</p><p>to give their daughters hand for marriage to Mr. Pratt</p><p>The maid approaches the table and unmasks Mr. Pratttriumph by saying that he had left his glasses in the cellar</p><p>before dinner.</p><p>There isnt a real resolution</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 11/20</p><p>Andrew</p><p> Irene</p><p> Rosemary</p><p> Martin</p><p>Theme: Doing the right thing</p><p>Conflict:</p><p>Man vs Self</p><p>Setting:</p><p>Place: Irenes house,</p><p>Church</p><p>Time: Day before</p><p>the wedding /</p><p>Wedding</p><p>party/years later</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 12/20</p><p>Exposition: The bell rings to announce an unexpected guest, the groom, who</p><p>wanted to speak with his bride urgently, his nervousness and anxiety uneaseIrene.</p><p>Rising Actions: Andrew talks about his youth and how important it is to him to</p><p>live to the fullest, which means that marriage would only act against his</p><p>freedom, as he talks Irene creams her hands patiently waiting for her turn to</p><p>talk. They both agree on Andrew going to the church the next day and make itseem as Irene had left him waiting at the altar.</p><p>Climax: As Here comes the bride is sung by the church choir Andrew realizes</p><p>that Irene has come leaving him no chance or option to walk away as she walks</p><p>to the altar by her fathers side.</p><p>Falling actions: After their I dos they walk out of church as husband and</p><p>wife, Andrew faces his fears realizing that he could have made a terrible</p><p>mistake.</p><p>Resolution: Andrew and Irene live a happy and full life together.</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 13/20</p><p>THECOWARD</p><p>BYV.S NAIPAUL</p><p>Narrator</p><p>Big Foot</p><p>Hat</p><p>BoyeeErrol</p><p>Setting:Place: Miguel Street,</p><p>Trinidad and Tobago</p><p>Time: American setting</p><p>in the island, 1940s.</p><p>Conflict: Man vs Self: Man vs Society</p><p> Man vs Man</p><p>Theme:Not judging a book by</p><p>its cover</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 14/20</p><p> Exposition: All Miguel Street was afraid of Big Footbut as time passes the myth on his violent ways began to</p><p>merge.</p><p> Rising Actions: when the narrator gets to know hismore sensible side on a glass accident and his laughable</p><p>reaction towards a dog. During his first fights Big Foot</p><p>defeats all of his contenders as expected</p><p> Climax: When the boxer comes to the town andfights Big Foot, who is defeated at the end.</p><p> Falling actions: Big Foots cries loudly and the crowdlaughs at him</p><p> Resolution: Big Foot leaves Miguel Street,the fighter wasnt really a boxer</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 15/20</p><p>MRKNOWALLBYWILLIAMSOMERSET</p><p>Narrator</p><p>Mr. Kelada</p><p>Mr. Ramsey</p><p>Mrs. Ramsey</p><p>Setting:Time: After WWII</p><p>Place: On a ship from</p><p>San Francisco toOkinawa</p><p>ConflictCharacter vs Character</p><p>Character vs Self</p><p>Theme:Appearances can be</p><p>deceptive</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 16/20</p><p> Exposition: A very outgoing Mr. Kelada interrupts a rather quietpassengers life when they share a cabin in a ship, Mr. Kelada speaks about hisexclusiveness on all kinds of good difficult to obtain or prohibited during this timein history.</p><p> Rising Actions: Mr. Kelada talks about his keen eye on pearls and business ingeneral; as he keeps talking about it Mr. Ramsey dares him to guess the amount hepaid for his wifes pearls. Always trying to keep his appearance he flatters Mrs.Ramseys pearls for a while.</p><p>Climax: Mr Kelada sets the price of the pearls on around 20, 000 USdollars. Mr. Ramsey feels very pleased once he tells Kelada that he had onlypaid 18 dollars for the pearls at a department store in NYC.</p><p> Falling actions: Mr. Kelada write the 100.00 US dollars to Mr.Ramsey for not guessing if the pearls were real, ashamed he leaves the</p><p>room.</p><p> Resolution: Mr Kelada realizes that it wasnt about the moneywhen Mr. Ramseys returns it to him on an envelope.</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 17/20</p><p>SHARPPRACTICEBYFREDERICKFORSYTH</p><p> The Priest/the farmer</p><p> Judge Comyn</p><p> OConnor</p><p> Mr. Keane</p><p>Theme:You get what you give</p><p>Conflict:Man vs Self</p><p>Setting: Place: On a train</p><p> Time: 1938</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 18/20</p><p> Exposition: Three men are absorbed during a train trip into a game ofcards, along the journey they change strategies and raised their bets until theyarrived to destination and one of them is set to pay the highest bid.</p><p> Rising Actions: As the game progressed all three men decided to raise the barand put more excitement into the game resulting in one big winner, The Priest,who mentioned a good donation place for the money.</p><p> Climax: Judge Comyn realizes that the person in court under hisjurisdiction was OConnor who was being charged of misleading the game andearnings of the card game.</p><p> Falling actions: Judge Comyn listens to a statement made by Mr. Keane who</p><p>had been cheated in the same manner as Judge Comyn</p><p> Resolution: Judge Comyn sees the Priest in the car/they are workingtogetherhe was tricked!</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 19/20</p><p>THEMODELMILLIONAIREBYOSCARWILDE</p><p>Hughie Erskie Alan Trevor</p><p> Laura Merton</p><p> Colonel Merton</p><p> The Beggar (Baron Hausberg) Gustave Naudin</p><p>Conflict:Man vs Society</p><p>Man vs Self</p><p>Theme:Solidarity and reciprocity keeps</p><p>the world turning Setting:Place: Holland park</p><p>Time: Morning</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Stories analysis - Short Stories</p><p> 20/20</p><p> Exposition: Hughie feels sad for not having his girlfriends family</p><p>blessing for being poor, he goes to talk about it over his painter friend</p><p>Alan looking for a word of advice.</p><p> Rising Actions: As he arrives to Alans studio he realizes that his friend is</p><p>working on a portrait of a beggar. He realizes that the beggar is in more need</p><p>of money than he is therefore he gives them all the money he has</p><p> Climax: The beggar asks Alan who was the man who had just given him money</p><p>and what was his story he feels deeply touched.</p><p> Falling actions: Hughie receives the money he needed to marry his love Laura,</p><p>Trevor tell Hughie where the money comes from</p><p> Resolution: Hughie and Laura live happily ever after, keeping the</p><p>condition the Baron had set.</p></li></ul>