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Using social media updates to build a news story


  • 1.Creating News StoryUsing Citizen Media Updates Prepared by Tarek Amr @gr33ndata

2. Its an Easy Recipe First of all, pick yourtopic. Exactly like cooking, thefirst thing you do next isto get the ingredients The Ingredients here aretweets, blogs and statusupdates on social mediawebsitesRecipe Just like ingredients youneed to find a way tostore them in cool placefor them not to go bad 3. Shopping Shopping takes place insocial websites like blogs,twitter, tumblr,Facebook, Flickr,Pinterest, YouTube andmany others. As long as goods are free,make sure to buy slightlymore than your needs sothat you have the luxuryof choosing the mostJust like cooking, a good storysuitable ones while relies on good ingredientswriting your story. 4. Storage and Cooling Since social websites are updated veryfrequently, there should be a way to storyyour findings, especially if you are going towrite your story after a while. Also searching for a tweet - one or two weekslater - is not an easy task. Exactly like in food, each has its appropriatemethod of storage. 5. Twitter Favorites One of the features manyusers overlook in twitter is thefavorites; that yellow star iconthere. No need for external websitesor tools to save the tweets. Can be used anywhere, evenon twitter on your mobileTwitter search results arephone. limited to just few days ago But there is no way to tag,categorize, or re-order yourfavorites 6. Other Places for Storage Storify.comTo be able to store blog posts, vides, photos,tweets or anything using tags for easy retrieval 7. Or use a notepad The notepad on your PC or even cloud-basedtools such as Evernote and Google Docs can beuseful too. You can add notes next to the links. Can reorder the links you collect easily. Can write the starting paragraph and ending onethere. But might not be with you all the time Some might wonder, why use a notepad while you cankeep the info in your bogging system or newspapersCMS? 8. Salad Tweets are too short to addbackground to news being sentthere. Normally topics have beendiscussed there all day long, sotweeps assume readers are awareof their context. Thats why you should make sureto start your story by giving thereaders the needed background,and add the needed contextthroughout your post. o Make sure to start your post with an Whats the importance of this?attractive introduction o Why are they discussing that now? o Who are those people? o Will international audience understand this local joke? 9. Setting the Ingredients Normally the case with blogs isdifferent than it in twitter. Bloggers might write moredetails in their posts, most ofthem are either personal oronly important to their ownaudience. So, you better be able to pickthe most useful and attractiveparts for your readers. Remove seeds before using Many small chucks from manydifferent blogs is usually morediverse than bigger chunks ofless blog posts 10. Preparation method After the intro, the story has to come inlayers, just like this sandwich Order it the way the most attractive tothe readers, but like moves or storiesone part should lead to the other. You better bind the unrelated tweets orposts together with phrases of yourown to make them belonging to eachother. Like the cheese and pickle here. You better discuss the different pointsof view and opposite opinions. Dont forget the spices; i.e. photos,videos, quotes, questions, etc. 11. The Dessert You are free to end your storywith: o A Question o A paragraph that summarizes it o Your own point of view o Or whatever you want Either by words of your own,by quoting someone, or evenwith a picture if you want. 12. This is mainly what we usually do in GlobalVoices Online In this link you can find different ways to participate with us you can contact me for help if you want @gr33ndata 13. All photos used here are published under creative commons license, and here are links to them.