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Storytelling & Emotive Digital Strategy Jessica Quillin, PhD Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Atelier 36 [email protected]

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From speech given at FC Labs in NYC on 03/29/12.


  • 1. Storytelling & Emotive Digital StrategyJessica Quillin, PhDChief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Atelier [email protected]

2. The Story about Story Todays digital storytellers need to createtransmedia experiences. Companies must engage with consumersrather than at them with a brand authenticstory. The measure of success with brandstorytelling is about appealing to aconsumers emotions. 3. Consumers Love Brand Story Consumers respond to a brands vision andstory when they buy things. A companys story is a powerful part ofbrand identification that can createconsumers for life. Consumers are interested in quality,craftsmanship, and provenance. 4. Brands Write Their Own Story Companies need strategy and story to achieve maximum ROI. BrandMessagesFans TalkNews FeedBuild Brand Reachabout NewsContent MaximumStory; Consumers FeedSpreads to Reach; ROI Get Fansthrough ContentFriends News Feed 1. Cut-ThroughII. EngagementIII. AmplificationSource: Michael Lazerow and Linda Abraham, How Social Media Influences Consumer Behavior, influences-consumer-behavior 5. Engage... 6. Make the Leap ... Get People Involved Consumers who engage with brands oversocial media demonstrate a deeper emotionalcommitment to the brands. While the average billion-dollar companyspends $750,000 a year on social media, manybig companies invest significantly more.Source: Bain & Company, Putting Social Media to Work, 12 Sept 2011, 7. Engage at All Levels 8. Its All About Social Currency 9. Digital Storytelling Storytelling refers to taking a story-specificapproach to marketing, as opposed to amessage- or product-driven one. Story is about establishing an authenticbrand voice and a strong unifying concept. Transmedia narrative refers to a consistent,brand-identifiable story across all digital mediaplatforms. 10. Digital Storytelling Techniques Plot or storyline i.e., a course of action orseries of events that can be developedacross different media outlets. Intriguing characters or actors (whether aperson, product, or idea) to carry out theaction. A simple, pervasive way to tell different partsof the story across various media outlets. 11. And the Moral is... Use social media as a part of a strategic planto articulate and grow your brand story. Dont be afraid of mini-narratives or focusedstorytelling to tailor efforts to keyconsumers. Watch, measure, understand, and respond tolearn what makes your consumers tick.