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Page 2: Strange Churches

Biserica Catolica in Uruguay

Page 3: Strange Churches

Biserica Anglicana Sf. Paul, Toronto, Canada

Page 4: Strange Churches

Biserica Moderna in Austria

Page 5: Strange Churches

Biserica Moderna in Norvegia

Page 6: Strange Churches

Biserica Sf. Iosif, in Franta, cu o inaltime de 107 m

Page 7: Strange Churches

Biserica Romano-Catolica in Brazilia, cea mai inalta din America Latina (124m)

Page 8: Strange Churches

Biserica portugheza

Page 9: Strange Churches

Biserica “Wheels of Heaven”, Melbourne, Australia

Page 10: Strange Churches

Biserica Sf. Francisc Assizkovo Brazilia

Page 11: Strange Churches

Biserica Ortodoxa Krasnoturing, in regiunea Sverdlovsk

Page 12: Strange Churches

Washington, SUA

Page 13: Strange Churches

Ohio, SUA

Page 14: Strange Churches

Los Angeles, SUA

Page 15: Strange Churches

Biserica Igreja Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Brazilia

Page 16: Strange Churches

Locatie necunoscuta

Page 17: Strange Churches

Biserica Memoriala a Imparatului Wilhelm, Berlin

Page 18: Strange Churches

Biserica Santo-Volto, Torino, Italia

Page 19: Strange Churches

Biserica in Guatemala

Page 20: Strange Churches

Biserica Petre si Paul, Olanda

Page 21: Strange Churches

Catedrala in Liverpool, Marea Britanie

Page 22: Strange Churches

Prima biserica crestina din Indiana, SUA

Page 23: Strange Churches

Biserica in Filipine

Page 24: Strange Churches

Biserica in Roma

Page 25: Strange Churches

Catedrala in Brazilia

Page 26: Strange Churches

Catedrala “Christ-Light to the World”, California

Page 27: Strange Churches

Templul lui Hristos, SUA

Page 28: Strange Churches

Cea mai mare biserica crestina din Beijing

Page 29: Strange Churches

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia

Page 30: Strange Churches

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