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ARCHITECTING FOR THE CLOUDChris NeumannCEO and Cofounder, DataHeroTraditional Enterprise Data


Enterprise Data Circa 2010@DataHero

Enterprise Data Circa 2010@DataHero

Enterprise Data Circa 2010@DataHero

Enterprise Data Circa 2010@DataHero

Enterprise Data Circa 2015@DataHero7Cloud Data is DifferentTraditional Enterprise Data

Centralized, on-premises data sources

Small number of data sources used by a large number of people

Standardized interfaces

Databases can do math

Security is secondary, because the data team sits between the data sources and the end user


Geographically distributed data sources

Large number of data sources each used by a small number of people

Unique, proprietary interfaces

Cloud services cant do math

Security models are essential, because self-service means end users have direct access to the data sources@DataHeroWhy is self-service important?Bring your own device dataEmpower business users to work with the data that matters to themFree up analysts and data scientists to work on higher-value problems@DataHero

Value-Added Cloud Services@DataHero

Its Not Just Analytics@DataHero

But Analytics Will Be a Killer App#DataHero

Cloud Data in the Real World@DataHero

How do we architect for the cloud?@DataHeroFind photo14

We Know What We Dont Want@DataHeroCut out image use our services15

Automated ETL@DataHero

Automated ETL@DataHero

Automated ETL@DataHero

User-Level Security@DataHeroThe Coming StormSelf-service analytics will empower business users, but it will also bring to the forefront issues that have been hidden by data groups

Security and access policiesData cleansingDe-duplication@DataHeroWhats Next?Value-added cloud services will become more pervasive, particularly as developer tools improveBI/Analytics tools built for traditional enterprise architectures will need to figure out how to integrate more effectively with Cloud DataSelf-service tools will need to be actually self-service@DataHero@ckneumann