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Strategic Centre for Organised Crime Partnerships and engagement with communities Slide 2 Strategic Centre for Organised Crime SCOC What is SCOC? Prevent, Protect and Prepare Unit (PPPU) Strategic Centre for Organised Crime (SCOC) Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) Home Office 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 What is serious and organised crime ? Slide 5 Slide 6 What is the threat to the UK from Serious and Organised Crime? Characteristics A national security risk; pervasive threat with corrosive impact on communities Includes: drugs trafficking; human trafficking; illegal immigration; firearms; cyber crime; fraud; counterfeiting; money laundering; organised acquisitive crime; child sexual exploitation. Undermines our economy, financial institutions and online confidence Scale Law enforcement estimates approx. 5,500 organised crime groups, involving approx. 37,000 individuals Costs the UK at least 24bn a year. Over 2000 drug-related deaths per year A complex and rapidly evolving threat. Organised criminals operate across regional, national and international borders. 6 Slide 7 Our response: SOC and the NCA 7 7 October - a new strategy on serious and organised crime and the first formal day of work for the new National Crime Agency. These two developments are significant for policing and our wider national security work and certainly represent the biggest change in the way we are going to approach serious and organised crime for over a decade. It is unlikely that we shall see comparable changes in one go for many years to come Slide 8 Serious and Organised Crime Strategy Aim: reduce the level of serious and organised crime 8 Pursue: Prosecuting and disrupting serious and organised crime Prevent: Preventing people from engaging in serious and organised crime Prepare: Reducing the impact of serious and organised crime Protect: Increasing protection against serious and organised crime Reduce Level of SOC Reduce Threat Reduce Vulnerability Slide 9 Partnerships 9 Slide 10 Community Engagement Community Engagement - Umbrella Term Confidence Legitimacy Collective Efficacy etc Ultimately about empowerment Can we help people feel like they no longer have to tolerate the intimidation, fear and criminality they see around them, caused by serious and organised crime. 10 Slide 11 The Future Building stronger partnerships on the local, regional and national level. Working together with the shared objective of tackling serious and organised crime. 0207 035 5307 11


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