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Strategic Plan Annual Update. Scottsdale Police Department May 21, 2008 Police/Fire Headquarters 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Welcome & Comments from the Chief. Chief Alan Rodbell. Purpose for Today. Purpose: Annual Update of the 5-Year Strategic Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Strategic Plan Annual Update

    Scottsdale Police Department

    May 21, 2008Police/Fire Headquarters8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

  • Welcome & Comments from the Chief Chief Alan Rodbell

  • Purpose for Today


    Annual Update of the 5-Year Strategic Plan

    This is the 5th Year Ground-Up Process

    Objectives: Review Current Realities

    Brainstorm New Strategies

    Identify Strategic Objectives & Directions

  • Purpose for Today..

    Clarification: There are Active Strategies from the Previous Plan that are currently being worked on There are Inactive Strategies from the Previous Plan that are Scheduled to Begin in Future Years

    Dont Worry About Knowing or Duplicating These During Our Exercises Today!

  • What Lies Ahead?

    Review of Current Reality

    Command Staff & City Staff

    Overview of Mission & Vision

    Lt. Tony Gibson &

    Paul Bentley, LOD

    Vision Exercise

    Lt. Tony Gibson &

    Paul Bentley, LOD

    Competing Interests Exercise

    Lt. Tony Gibson &

    Paul Bentley, LOD


    Development of Strategies, Objectives & Strategic Directions

    Lt. Tony Gibson &

    Paul Bentley, LOD

    Summary & Next Steps

    Lt. Tony Gibson &

    Paul Bentley, LOD

  • Review of Current Reality

    Michelle Korf, Downtown Group Downtown Development & Issues

    Cmdr. Johnny CervantesDowntown District

    Asst. Chief Sean DugganPatrol Staffing & Community Issues

    Asst. Chief John CoccaInvestigative Trends

  • Quick Overview on:Aligning Mission, Vision & Strategies

    DEFINITIONSMissionIs a statement of the general purpose of the organization.VisionIs an image of how the organization desires to operate in the future.Strategic DirectionsAre derived from the Departments Mission & Vision & are high-level statements of what the organization desires to achieve.ObjectivesAre derived from & support the stated Strategic Directions. Objectives are statements of the general means by which the organization will work to meet the Strategic Directions.StrategiesAre statements of how each Objective will be addressed. Strategies might incorporate multiple initiatives or projects, & are designed to produce measurable results.

  • Quick Overview on:Aligning Mission, Vision & Strategies

  • Departments CurrentMission StatementThe Scottsdale Police Department, in partnership with the citizens of Scottsdale, recognizes the changing needs of our community and law enforcements role in addressing those needs. Furthermore, we pledge EXCELLENCE, INITIATIVE AND INTEGRITY to enhance the quality of life throughout our City knowing those we serve deserve no less.

  • Departments CurrentVision StatementThe Scottsdale Police Department is a professional organization with exemplary leadership and employees. We are known as a community that is safe and secure, and have reduced the fear of crime for all of our citizens and visitors. We have collaborative working partnerships with the community and City government. Our resources, including finances, technology and staffing levels, are aligned with our 5-year strategic directions.

  • Current Vision is Based on:

    Our 2007 Strategic Directions & Objectives

    1. Reduced Crime


    1.1 Enhance Crime Prevention Initiatives

    4.1 Strengthen Readiness & Recovery Protocols

    1.2 Enhance Enforcement Initiatives

    2. Organizational Excellence

    5. Advanced Technology Solutions

    2.1 Develop Exemplary Leadership

    5.1 Advance Integration Capabilities

    2.2 Develop Employees

    5.2 Advance Communications Technology

    2.3 Develop the Organization

    5.3 Advance Technology Support & Infrastructure

    2.4 Enhance Recruitment

    3. Strengthened Relationships

    6. Enhanced Facilities

    3.1 Strengthen Intra-Governmental Relations

    6.1Develop New Facilities

    3.2 Strengthen Internal & External Communications

    6.2 Reallocate & Enhance Existing Facilities

    3.3 Strengthen Community Relations

    6.3 Enhance Facility Support & Administration

  • 15 Minute Break

  • Vision ExerciseFocus Question:

    What does the ideal Scottsdale Police Department look like 5 years from now?


  • Competing Interests ExerciseFocus Question:

    What is blocking us from reaching/moving towards our current vision?

    This is NOT the time for Solutions!

  • Competing Interests ExerciseBe Careful When Wording! Dont be vague. Be very specific.

    Dont Say:Do Say:Poor CommunicationThere is not a mechanism in place to allow exchange of information betweenx & y

    Lack of Funding for TrainingOfficers are under-trained in Homeland Security

  • Competing Interests ExerciseBack to the

    Focus Question:

    What is blocking us from reaching/moving towards our current vision?

  • 15 Minute Break

  • Solutions

    Now its time for SOLUTIONS!

    3 STEPS:Brainstorming StrategiesIdentifying & Naming ObjectivesIdentifying & Naming Strategic Directions

  • SolutionsFocus Question:

    We could do a number of things, but what are some concrete & specific actions, we, as a Department, can take to address these competing interests?

    STEP #1:Brainstorming Strategies

  • SolutionsSTEP #2:Identifying & Naming ObjectivesSTEP #3:Identifying & Naming Strategic Directions

  • Summary & Next StepsWhat We Have Accomplished Today

    Reviewed our current realitiesReviewed our Department MissionDeveloped a 5-year VisionDiscussed competing interestsIdentified concrete actions we can takeIdentified & named Objectives & Directions

  • Summary & Next StepsNext Steps in the Planning Process

    Take Input to Community (3 Community Forums)Prioritize StrategiesCreate 5-year calendarAssign Sponsors & Strategy LeadersDevelop Definitions & Measures of Success

  • Closing RemarksThank You Very MuchFor Participating Today!