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Presentation by Wendy McGuinness to the Otago University Symposium Conservation Lands 2040, 9 November 2011.


  • 1.StrategyConservationLandsOtago University Symposium Public Conservation Lands 20409 November 2011, Dunedin

2. How to develop strategy? 3. The Three Sights Hindsight Insight Foresight 4. Nation Dates: Significant eventsSovereigntySettlement Rights, Roles, Representation & ResponsibilitiesSocial Reform IdentitySocial JusticeEconomic Reform 5. NASA Chief Scientist Dennis M. Bushnell1. Climate change and energy2. Massive debt (AKA The Great Correction)3. Water and food shortages/Environmental issues4. Five simultaneous game-changing tech revolutions, tele-everything5. Luddites/Individual destructive power6. Robotics/Machine intelligence/Employment7. Humans merging with the machines 6. What is Future Studies?ScenariosPossible1 2 Probable3 4Possible201120252040 7. StrategyNZ: Mapping our Future March 2011 8. Strategy Maps 9. Strategy Maps 10. How to develop a strategy for Conservation Land? 11. Ministry for the WildernessWild River ParkThis is a private park. It isopened to the general public only one weekend ayear. Flora, fauna and non-human landscapes arestrictly protected by the Ministry.Area: 2000 km2As at 1 January 2040 12. Ministry for Economic DevelopmentCoal Range ParkThis is a private park. Rights to remove itscontents, whether it be trees or minerals, areauctioned every two years by the Ministry.Area:150 km2 As at 1 January 2040 13. Ministry for RecreationMarilyn Fitty ParkThis is a public park. Itis open 24/7 and you can make as much noise hereas you like. It is all aboutfitness, hobbies, horses, bike tracks & fishing etc.Area: 450 km2As at 1 January 2040 14. Ministry for ConservationHappy Hiking ParkThis is a public park. It is open 24/7 but you can onlywalk, you cannot bring anything with wheels onto thisland. It is for current and future generations.Area:800 km2As at 1 January 2040 15. Theopportunity tocreate anenvironmentalplatform theconstitutionalreview2011-2013 Kate Sheppard 16. FRENCH CONSTITUTION CHARTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENTTHE TEN ARTICLESArt 1 Each person has the right to live in a balanced environment which showsdue respect for health.Art 2 Each person has a duty to participate in preserving and enhancing theenvironment.Art 3 Each person shall, in the conditions provided for by law, foresee and avoidthe occurrence of any damage which he or she may cause to theenvironment or, failing that, limit the consequences of such damage.Art 4 Each person shall be required, in the conditions provided for by law, tocontribute to the making good of any damage he or she may have caused tothe environment.Art 5 When the occurrence of any damage, albeit unpredictable in the currentstate of scientific knowledge, may seriously and irreversibly harm theenvironment, public authorities shall, with due respect for the principleof precaution and the areas within their jurisdiction, ensure theimplementation of procedures for risk assessment and the adoption oftemporary measures commensurate with the risk involved in order to dealwith the occurrence of such damage. 17. FRENCH CONSTITUTION CHARTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENTTHE TEN ARTICLESArt 6 Public policies shall promote sustainable development. To this end theyshall reconcile the protection and enhancement of the environment witheconomic development and social progress.Art 7 Each person has the right, in the conditions and to the extent provided forby law, to have access to any information pertaining to the environmentin the possession of public bodies and to participate in the publicdecision-making process likely to affect the environment.Art 8 Education and training with regard to the environment shall contribute tothe exercising of the rights and duties set out in this Charter.Art 9 Research and innovation shall contribute to the preservation anddevelopment of the environment.Art 10 This Charter shall inspire Frances actions at both a European and an international level. 18. You 19. Sir Paul Callaghan So my take is, we simply push on, ignore the pessimism, and lead by example. Then suddenly we find ourselves surrounded by success and telling ourselves that it was always meant to be this way. 20. Talent is Key Talent likes talent Talent loves good food and cafes Talent wants to be the best in the world Talent enjoys being recognised Talent thinks and acts globally Talent hates completing forms Talent gets frustrated with delays Talent needs human capital Talent grows through investment Talent follows talent Talent is key 21. What is Futures Studies?What is Strategy?What is a Strategy Map?What is the difference betweenmanagement and leadership?What is the difference betweena puzzle and a mystery?What is the difference between control and influence? 22. From previous slide Strategy Map for BrazilInnovation theme expanded showing cause and effect 23. Strategy Map for Brazil 24. HindsightInsight97-90 = 77- 3 = 44-2=2 25. Insight and ForesightToday, 3 billion made$2 or less per day. 40:60Fifty yearslater, the60:40developedcountries & Chinagrow old whileAfrica & Indiaremain young.


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