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  1. 1. StreetPhotographyMillie Long
  2. 2. What is StreetPhotographyStreet photography is a image which is capturedon the street, creating a natural feel. Itdocuments a public place and aspects within aphoto creates a street photograph by the naturalactivities and events what are happening in it.You dont need to prepare for taking a streetphotograph as the unplanned effect is whatmakes the image. A image will capture, exploreor question the relationship between individualsand their surroundings.A decisive moment is popular in streetphotography as it creates a good visual image tolook at. It is all about capturing the right momentat the right time. For example if someone ifjumping the decisive moment would be them upin the air, this adds to the photo. A momentbefore or after this may not have the same effect.
  3. 3. The Dos an DontsThere are many ethical, moral and legal dos and donts what you needto consider whilst doing street photography. There are a range of dossuch as: Smile, this helps as you come across as polite and it relaxes people. Be respectful, they are allowing you too take a picture so youshouldnt take advantage as this may come across rude ordisrespectful. Ask for permission, a majority of people will allow you to take photosbut its nice to check.and the donts: Dont take pictures of children without permission. Security operations, this may cause you issues. Dont go right up close to peoples faces if they dont want you too. Take photos of people when they have already said they dont wantyou too.
  4. 4. Ethical ConsiderationsTaking pictures of certain people may offend them so youneed to consider if taking that picture will actually benefitthem and is it really needed. An example of this ishomeless people, they probably wouldnt want you to takea picture of them for no reason unless it was benefittingthem. Or maybe someone from a different culture forexample a Muslim standing outside a off license, taking aphoto of that isnt illegal but out of respect you probablyshouldnt.
  5. 5. Rui PalhaThis is a photo takenby Rui Palha. I like thephoto as it is such asimple photo but soeffective. I like thecomparison of the darktones and light tonesmaking it portrayemotions. The feelingsthe image gives meare empty and lonely. Itworks well as it almosttells a story and thephoto itself gives of anatural feel.
  6. 6. Rui PalhaThe photographer..Rui Palha has been interested in photography since theage of 14 and since 2001 and now is devoted to streetphotography. He always takes black and white imagesmaking sure his photos are full of soul and inspiration.When taking photos he always look for the moment butfeels he hasnt captured it yet but will try forever.
  7. 7. My PhotosThis image was takenwhen I was at Carnabystreet. I thought it wouldcreate a good image dueto the colour aspects andsurroundings behind thevisual point. I usedPhotoshop to manipulatethe image by changingthe colour of thebackground to black andwhite to make thepurpose of the imagestand out. I also changedthe brightness to make itmore visually appealing.
  8. 8. My PhotosThis image I also took in Trafalgarsquare. I like the angle of the photo asI took it from below and the sky in thebackground creates a natural feel. Thequality of the image is not great but thebrightness brings out the aspectswithin the picture.This photograph is of a water fountainwhich I took in Trafalgar square. This isone of my favourite images which I tookas I think it creates a visually appealingimage. The lighting in the photo makesit clear and defines aspects of it makingit high quality with a professional feelproducing hard light.
  9. 9. My PhotosBoth these images I got the inspiration fromRui Palha. I tried to create a similar style butchanged certain aspects by making colourexist in the image. I kept the undergroundred and blue to make it the visual point andgive the picture more of a meaning.This image is also similar to Rui Palha work.The original photo is not very good butusing Photoshop to manipulate the coloursand brightness brings more to the image. Ithink the crowded atmosphere makes theimage as it represents London.
  10. 10. My PhotosThis image I took was of a streetentertainer which captures a natural shot.The image has quite a lot of negative spacewith in but this makes the focus point moredefining. The image was captured at theright moment as it doesnt look posed butstill an average photo.This photo represents London. It is quite afun and quirky image capturing the subjectmatter and the area around it. I think itwould have been a better image if therewas more people around to demonstrate abetter atmosphere. I like the lighting of theimage as it shows clear detail.
  11. 11. My PhotosI took this image in Trafalgarsquare of Bollywood dancers. Itsort of represents a decisivemoment as they are all doing acertain move and if I captured itbefore or after it wouldnt havethe same affect. I like thispicture because of the contrastbetween the black and whitebackground and the colourelements. The imagedemonstrates hard light as thesun produces shadows withinthe image. I used Photoshop toedit the background to blackand white and change thebrightness so it stands out asmuch as the dancers.
  12. 12. My PhotosThis image is quite simple but still quite a lotgoing on. I took it looking up which makes itan odd angle. If it was straight on I think itwould have been a better picture as youwould have created more of a background. Ichanged the background black and whitekeeping the lamppost the same colour.I think this image is visually appealing dueto the contrast and brightness as it bringsout the detail in the image. The contrastbetween the black and white backgroundand the blue water makes it have aprofessional feel.