“strength in numbers” technology transfer tactics november 18, 2010

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Strength in Numbers Technology Transfer Tactics November 18, 2010 www.innovationtransfernetwork.org. Todays Agenda. Introductions How ITN Got Started How the Program Changed and Evolved Challenges/Lessons Learned Accomplishments. Introductions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Strength in Numbers

    Technology Transfer TacticsNovember 18, 2010


  • Todays AgendaIntroductionsHow ITN Got StartedHow the Program Changed and EvolvedChallenges/Lessons LearnedAccomplishments


  • IntroductionsDr. Rick Basom Director of Research & Planning, Elizabethtown CollegeMs. Jennifer Hammaker, Director of Business Development, Innovation Transfer NetworkDr. Marian Walters, Associate Dean for Research, Penn State Harrisburg


  • Getting Started

    Early Vision and PartnersEconomic Development LinkagesEconomic Development Partnerships13 Regional Small Colleges and Universities3000 Faculty and 50,000 Students*

  • Getting StartedInitial Program Concept and FundingInitial Funding Period: 5 yearsEarly Program ElementsAccess to IP ExpertiseAccess to templates Summer Seed Grants: faculty/industry partnerships*

  • Program ExpansionEventsOutside SpeakersPanel DiscussionsIndustry/FacultySSGX Software Productization Center


  • Program ExpansionFaculty/FacultyResearch SymposiaNSF Proposals

    Seed Grant FundingFaculty/Industry*

  • Program ExpansionEnclave Online CommunityAcademic Profiles Business ProfilesBlog VideoEconomic Dev. ResourceEncourage ConnectionsEasy for Media*

  • Challenge #1Institutional Buy-InLessons Learned:Deans/AdministrationSenior level, access to ProvostActive Board InvolvementWillingness to Commit Resources*

  • Challenge #2Faculty EngagementLessons Learned:GrassrootsOnlineCross-CampusEntrepreneursCommercializationStudent Experience*

  • Challenge #3Conflicting Priorities: Business vs. FacultyLessons Learned:Clarify the expectationsManage the timeline Different financial considerations


  • Challenge #4Cultural ChasmsLessons LearnedProgress slow but sureStay committed and look long termThink funding early and oftenDoes IP count for promotion and tenure?


  • Challenge #5SustainabilityActive Board Engagement & LeadershipWillingness to lead grant applicationsPursue Multiple Options SimultaneouslyEconomic Development Partners are Key


  • AccomplishmentsIncreased Relationships with Business CommunityTrendsMarket ResearchSoftware Development$500,000 in Seed Grant Investments *

  • AccomplishmentsIncreased Collaboration Between FacultyWithin InstitutionsAcross DepartmentsAcross CampusesAcross Institutions *

  • AccomplishmentsIncreased Student InvolvementReal World ExperiencesNetworkingVisibility/Interaction with Business Leaders *

  • AccomplishmentsIncreased Interaction b/w Institutional Leaders$600,000 NSF/PFI Grant$800,000 Regional BioFuels Center*

  • @itnwk (Twitter)itnwk@psu.edu 717.948.6455www.innovationtransfernetwork.org



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