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  • Everything First: Structured UX Thinkingby Jon Fisher


  • Everything old is new again

  • A (re)emerging trend for structured thinking

    Rush to grab sharpies and ideate. Lets just make stuff mentality.

    IMO, a little up front thinking didnt hurt anyone

    Lean UX, General explosion of UX, Responsive design, changing design workflows

    Structured content is inherently what the web is!


    Structure first: Mark Boulton


    Brad Frost and design systems


    Object orientated UX

  • http://alista

    Smashing Mag Responsive Design Book


    BBC and Domain Modelling

  • What is a content model?

    A representation of all the various types of content in your digital product

    It demonstrates the relationships between each of these content types

    It also documents the elements that

    make up each content type

    Essentially the structural side of Content

    Strategy (whisper itIA)

  • Content elements

    Structured thinking aids flow:

    Identify all the pieces

    Their relative size and power

    Their role in your greater plan

    Some elements are small but

    mighty in relation to enhancing the experience

  • Structural UX Thinking

  • Examples

  • Volunteering


    Article #2





    Article #1




  • National Trust

  • National Trust

  • Filter Facets

    TestimonialsComparison Products

    S&I Concepts

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  • Work flow implications

  • BackendContent Strategy

    Design Frontend

  • Backend

    Content Model


    Copy Writing

    Research Launch

    Structural UX thinking!!!


    Content priority wireframes or guides


    Gather Content

  • Advantages

  • Advantage #1: Reduces snowball effect

  • Advantage #2: Simple Nav

  • Advantage #3: The second task

  • Advantage #4: The lorem ipsum debate

  • Advantage #5: Plays well with Innovation or evidence driven research

  • Closing remarks

  • JK Rowlings notepad

  • ModelsDifferent types of models:

    Mental models

    Content models

    Data models

    If everywhere you look people are using the

    word model then you should probably pay attention. A model is nothing but a structural



    IA in 2012

  • What, not where!

    Jon Fisher, Ranting in a team meeting

  • What, not where! Its just an interface, get over it!!

    Jon Fisher, Ranting in a team meeting

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