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  1. 1. StudentVoice: Reflective Questions
  2. 2. WHO should I ask about this? WHAT strategies will I use to get a genuine response? WHEN will I do this (for the best results)? WHY ask? (Consider how it will improve the activity, curriculum, relationship, environment. HOW have I acted on what Ive heard?
  3. 3. Issue: Should we take a student out of her mainstream classes to be part of the ORS class special olympics basketball team? WHO: The student. WHAT: Simple conversation with student outlining options & reassuring her that it is her choice either way. WHEN: Several days before the event to give time to think and decide. WHY ask? Because it affects her learning in her regular classes (which she loves). She has the right to prioritise these classes as well as the right to participate in extra-curricular activities. If she is allowed to make her own decision she will be committed to her choice. HOW: I will respect her decision. An easy example!
  4. 4. Issue: When do you feel included at school? WHO: All students (including those with communication & processing challenges). Whanau, Family. WHAT: Simplify & pre-teach concept of inclusion. Multitude of simple activities (visual & tactile). Questionnaires, discuss with parents. WHEN: Project requires a number of weeks for planning then implementation, review, gathering supplementary data and forming conclusions. WHY ask? Because it will provide important insight into the way students experience their schooling. These insights can be used to improve their educational experience and our teaching practice. It also teaches students that their opinions are valued. It strengthens the learning relationships (ako) between teachers and students, whanau/family. HOW: Results shared with participants and changes made to programme & policy. A harder example!


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