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Students Leading Learning Technologies. Corey Briffa Maisie McInnes Dean Goodall Lindsey Hunneman. Broadening communication, participation and involvement using technology. “Making our voice heard!”. During our presentation please feel free to contact us: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Students Leading Learning TechnologiesCorey BriffaMaisie McInnesDean GoodallLindsey HunnemanBroadening communication, participation and involvement using technology

  • Making our voice heard!During our presentation please feel free to contact us:

    Text your question and phone number to07624806527 A card has been given to you with the number to start your text with

  • Making our voice heard!

    We made our meetings more business like using technology to help us communicate with everyone.

  • Making our voice heard!The students have used many technologies to broaden the student voice at Lodge Park Technology College these include:

    VLEBlogsEmailingText MessagingOn-line Surveys

  • Making our voice heard!We started to improve our communication with other students by using our VLE Moodle.

  • Making our voice heard!Once the students were comfortable communicating using Moodle we turned our attention to Texting and Emailing.

  • Making our voice heard!We had our own Student Council E-mail setup

  • Text07624806527with the number78002at the start of the message

    e.g. 78002 Lodge Park is wonderful

    or you can email

  • Making our voice heard!We agreed on an issue to change and how we would communicate with students, staff, governors, parents and the wider community

  • Making our voice heard!By using Survey Monkey this allowed us to communicate with a wide audience.

  • Making our voice heard!We had almost 600 responses to the new uniform suggestions.

  • Making our voice heard!The impact reaching students who previously had not been involved.

  • Making our voice heard!The impact

    Changed uniformMore interest in Student VoiceInvolvement in curriculum ReviewsVoting for new Vertical tutoring House namesLinks with the communityCashless cateringWider voice participation in Youth Parliamentary voting

  • SCHOOL COUNCIL - meets weekly Officers elected.Two members of each house sits on school council 8 house representatives in totalStudent Leader & Deputy Leader elected by students and staffYoung ConsultantsLink to SMT

    Teaching and LearningOperationsSupportCurriculumExternal GroupsSchool Governors

  • Making our voice heard!This year we have taken huge steps to engage and involve the wider student audience within our school using the technologies available to everyone. This is continuing and we will build on this years success. We intend to be Light Years Ahead

    If you would like to contact us please do so for more information. Our email address

    Or send us a text on07624806527

    Hello and welcome to Lodge Park Technology Colleges presentation for Students Leading Learning Technologies Im Dean Goodall an active member in Lodge Parks student voice. I attend meetings on a regular basis and have watched our council develop over the past year. Over the course of the presentation you will also hear from the following pupils. Corey Briffa Maisie Mcinnes Dean Goodall Lindsey Hunneman

    *At the end of our presentation we will take questions but should you feel as though you would like to contact us during the presentation feel free to text us on 07624806527. You have all been given a card so please start your text with the number you have been given. *So what do we mean by Students Leading Learning Technologies?Well throughout the presentation, we will be focusing on one of our areas of success and by doing this, showing you how students can get together and use new and exciting technology to communicate throughout the whole school and enable them to get their voices heard!Now this was a difficult task to overcome, like many school we had a student council that constantly talked about petty things. We need new toilets Food is too expensive Well we wanted to get away from all this. we needed make a stand and find something that influenced the student body to believe in the council! But like any problem, it starts at home. Our whole perspective of meetings and the layout of our council had to be corrected. Something more formal and structured was needed. This is where roles and responsibilities came into the council, we appointed a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and divided our council up to shadow our leadership team so every aspect of the schools day to day running was accessed. Just to give you some background information on roles inside our Council here is a short clip from our KS4 Secretary Karl Lewis.

    Explain about roles and responsibilities, use of Moodle and Email to communicate with all stakeholders e.g. council members, students, staff etc.So we sorted out how the internal structure of our council worked but how did we communicate to our student body? This is where all the technology comes into things. These are the technologies we have ended up using but this is how we started the process.

    *Im going to begin with our VLE Moodle. Moodle has enabled our council to communicate within the council using its own area. Furthermore the ability to post a Blog to inform the students on what has been on the Agenda and what we plan to do in the future is an amazing tool to have at our finger tips and just one more way that we use this exciting technology. Moodle is an excellent way to communicate but it doesnt necessarily reach everybody so we tried to cover as many people as we possibly could. We set up two new services:

    *Then we moved onto texting; this is one of the services we as a council were very keen to see how well it took off. Most people nowadays will have the most up to date phone possible. So it seemed like the perfect way to communicate to the student body especially.This was setup via a website called Polls Everywhere where the text are sorted by a council member and distributed and placed on the agenda via Moodle and Email.

    *Leading perfectly onto our third and final ingenious way of communicating to our Student Council. Email. Our council has a specific Email address set up for it where people can send their queries and opinions which once again is sorted and becomes apart our weekly Agenda. So we setup these fascinating new ways of communication but how do we inform the student? Well we went back to the basics Announcements in Assemblies PostersWord of MouthAnyway we possibly could.

    *We went into all assemblies and talked to the students about the new methods of communicating with us. We introduced the new texting service and the email address. Then we led into the proposed change to the school uniform and how their views would count.

    So we had these new ways of communicating we just had to decide upon a change that would engage everyone. Uniform. What better way to make the council known than to change the next biggest thing after the toilets. Our action plan included involvement from the whole student body, staff, governors and parents. So we began thinking of ways we could collect their views effectively and fairly.

    The next question how did we collect all this information, well we discovered something called Survey Monkey. It was a brilliant way to collect specific data and was easily accessed through the Schools Website.A survey was set up and all the school community was given access to it. The results were amazing.*A broader voice! We had almost 600 responses due to the new technologies. Not only had we reached the students who may have never spoken to us before (???students replied) but we also got to hear the opinions of parents, governors and staff. Image of new uniform? Survey Monkey?

    Our messages were reaching a much wider audience. Students, parents and staff were communicating with us. The power of technology Due to the new technologies, it allowed us to reach all audiences who had the power to make the change.A uniformed success!These are the views of just one student. Who had never previously been involved in student voice.

    Due to the changes we made in student voice the student body became more enthusiastic about voicing their ideas and gained hope. The whole school had more interest in student voice as their ideas were being put into action. Our school became a democracy and students felt that student voice was more approachable and we even interviewed several students about this views on aspects of the curriculum such as technology and the arts. Our school needed a new look, so our first major change was the uniform, which both students, staff and the community had a say on. Secondly, we are moving to vertical tutoring in September which we as a council took an active part in representing the students and working with senior members of staff to make sure this drastic change is something to look forward to! A concern that was common within the student body had been bringing money into college. Students feared losing money, etc so we have changed to cashless catering where a finger printing system is used to pay for everything from school meals to visits. But most of all for me, if it wasnt for the changes made in the student voice I wouldnt be here now. Before the changes I didnt take much interest in student voice because I always thought it would be a waste of my time as none of my opinions would have made a difference. Since hearing more about how it worked and how it has improved I gained an interest, and asked to become a member. Now I am an active member of Student voice, passionate about doing everything I can to encourage students to get involved who are exactly as I was.Impact - now we had started to reach new audiences we have involved the students in a mass of other important decisions.

    Structure and links of the Student Council.As already mentioned in Sept


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