students with learning disabilities the family and learning disabilities

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  • Students with Learning DisabilitiesThe Family and Learning Disabilities

  • Parental AdjustmentAwareness and Recognition of Problem - Parents feel helpless and frustrated when child does not seem normal - Although difficult, parents must recognize the disability - Common reactions include parental conflict, doctor shopping, and defense mechanisms

  • Parental Adjustment continuedSearch for a Cause and Cure - Hope for a cure and removal of guiltAcceptance of Child - Emphasize strengths rather than weaknesses

  • Schools Helping FamiliesInformational StrategiesResourcesInformation sharingParent EducationFocus on needs of parents for contentSupport parents interactions with professionalsPromote growth of child

  • Familys Role at HomeParent ObservationInsightful judges of childs developmentTime ManagementRoutine as essential structure for successParents as TeachersTutoring with care

  • Parent-Teacher PartnershipEstablishing CooperationRecognize potential challengesView roles as complementaryCulturally Responsive RelationshipsLearn the culture of studentsExhibit cultural responsiveness toward familiesHonor linguistic backgrounds of familiesLink home, school, and community

  • Successful Parent-Teacher ConferencesEstablish rapportObtain pertinent information from parentsProvide informationSummarize and plan follow-up activities

  • Reporting Student ProgressIDEA reauthorization mandates regular progress reports6-week period reports typical but not enough to be helpfulAlternatives:Daily report systemCurriculum-based measurement reportsWeekly progress reports

  • Parent Advocacy and Parent RightsParents and professionals working togetherReauthorization of IDEA, guaranteeing free and appropriate public educationParents have the right to be involved in identification, evaluation, placement, and program development Due process