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  • Police ForcePublic LibraryFire Station

  • What is a good or service provided by the government.

  • Representation - Statue of Liberty

  • What is freedom.

  • There is a large supply of winter clothes left to sell. What should the store do?

  • What is decrease (lower) the price.

  • Region Mine Coal

  • What is Eastern KY or Cumberland Mountain Region.

  • 1. The Alamo2. Texas is included in the UnionThese events led to

  • What is theMexican War.

  • Mayor GovernorPresident

  • What is Executive Branch?

  • Decides if laws are constitutional

  • Who is Supreme Court JudgesJudicial Branch

  • The Plymouth Colony succeed because of the Mayflower Compact that

  • What is planned the government for the colony.

  • Francis Scott Key The Star Spangled Banner was written because

  • The War of 1812 Winning a battle against Great Britian

  • The Kentucky Constitution andThe United States Constitutionguarantees rights to worship, speech, assemble, own property. This principle of democracy is an

  • What is an Individual Liberty

  • People in the 1800s wanted to move west because

  • What isfree land.

  • Immigrants moved from the Northeast to the Midwest because

  • What is fertile farmland.

  • To establish and maintain order

  • What isreasons that laws are made.

  • Belief that moving west onto Native American territory, bringing religion, language, traditions was the fate of the U.S.

  • What is Manifest Destiny?

  • An attempt to satisfy Northern (anti-slavery) and Southern (pro-slavery) states before theCivil War

  • What is the Missouri Compromise?

  • The main mineral resource found in the southeastern part of Kentucky.

  • What is coal?

  • Imaginary lines on Earth running North/South

  • What is longitude.

  • Head of the state government.

  • Who is the Governor?

  • Imaginary lines on the Earths surface measured east/west

  • What is latitude.

  • Law requiring drivers to wear a seatbelt.

  • What is a State Law?

  • VotePay TaxesObey the Laws

  • What are responsibilities of a citizen?

  • 1607

  • What is When Jamestown was founded?

  • A way to honor those that have served in the military.

  • What is Veterans Day?

  • Technology that helped with early settlements in dry regions.

  • What is Irrigation?

  • Reason the Erie Canal was built

  • What is totransport peopleand goods

  • Make your wager

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellows poem Paul Reveres Ride tell the story of this.

  • What is the attach of Lexington, MA?



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