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Studio Engineering/Assessment 1

Studio Engineering/Assessment 1Harry Saunders, Matt Mitchell, Ollie Milnes, Will Sharp, Will Riman

PlanningThe band used was Harrys bandHad a demo recorded and mixed from the band whichMade a note of aesthetic use of effectsWe planned on how to recorded each part (drum micing and what rooms to use etc) but did not plan on doing a mix at the session.We set out to create a version of the song that sounded similar to the demo provided but in a clearer and better quality.

Recording techniques Drums: subkick, blumlein overheads, room micGuitar: C451 pair parallel on/off axis, mic behind amp coneBass: amp mic/DI blend, recorded with bassist in room for comfortVox: FLEA vox mic/ Stereo room mics, 3 acoustic shields around singer

Beneficial techniquesBass DI and amp allowed for better tone.Sub kick and blumein allowed for more presence and a more defined rhythm sectionVocals 3 walls of acoustic panels, vocal mic and room mic allows for control of sonic space and tone blending.Overbubs allowed use some more creative space when mixing.

Problematic techniques Trouble mounting stereo overheads lead to loss of time.Additional overdubs on vocals needed.Pre production scheme, mic research.Not enough time for creativity. Guitar through wall caused time issues.

ResearchHarry being in the Band (FUR) we had an idea on how we wanted it to sound, Stylistically and aesthetically.We planned our guitars to fit the genre of which we were aiming for (Clean Tone, guitar ballad, Sit under reverb vocal. Similar to Bands like Peace, Mac Demarco and the Magic Gang)We wanted to sound that didn'tt sound too over produced and had a more natural feel to it. This allowed the band to co-exist in the same sonic space with no one over powering nor floundering in the mix.


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