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    …Helpful Tips

    Otis Turner and Cynthia HueyU.S. Small Business Administration

    Office of Certification and Eligibility-San Francisco

  • Processing Time

    • Processing time is established by you.What does that mean?

    • It means simply…the care you take in submitting the application directly impacts the time required by SBA to review it.• How is that, you say? Ask yourself…

    Is my application well organized?Have I answered every question asked? (e.g. “n/a”)?Have I provided every document requested (or explained why not)?Have I anticipated potential issues/questions raised by my answers/documents which need clarification?


  • Corporations (from a real application)

    • Please upload all relevant documents from the following list:▪Articles of incorporation ( original and current version)▪Bylaws (current version)▪The most recent stockholder or board member meeting minutes showing the election of officers and directorsAttachments:


    File Name Document Type Upload Date

    Corporate Book.pdf Articles of Incorporation 11/23/2019

    Assignment Agreement.pdf Article of Incorporation 11/23/2019

  • Discussion

    • Content of Response • Corporate Book.pdf – 26 pages

    ▪Articles of Incorporation (with State Seal)▪Certificate of Amendment▪Registration of Alternate Name▪Bylaws (7 pages)▪IRS Assigned Employer identification Number▪Corrections to Entity Tax Record▪Copy of record of successful fax transmission to IRS▪Copy of U.S. Postal Services Certified Mail Receipt to IRS


  • LLCs (from a real application)

    • Please upload all relevant documents from the following list:▪Articles of Organization (original and current version)▪Operating Agreement (current version)▪Resolutions (see details below)▪Membership shares and ledgers (see details below)Attachments:


    File Name Document Type Upload Date

    Articles of Organization.pdf Articles of Incorporation 05/10/2019

    Initial Resolutions.pdf Resolutions 05/10/2019

    Operating Agreement Signed.pdf Operating Agreement 06/09/2019

    NJ Cert of Fact.pdf Certificate of Good Standing 10/16/2019

    PA Registration Article of Incorporation 10/16/2019

  • Helpful Tips

    • Minimize the time required to review your application:▪ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ASKED▪Provide all documents/information requested, e.g. other personal property▪Anticipate issues which need further clarification, e.g. change of ownership

    • Do not provide information which is not requested or does not provide clarification to an issue of eligibility, e.g., copies of your WSOB or HUBZone certification; community awards; letters of reference;• Give document files common sense names. Better yet, follow the naming

    instruction provided, e.g., Personal Taxes_2018.7

    Common sense always works!

  • Helpful Tips

    • Review every document you upload to ensure the document in the file is the document you intended to upload.• When you respond to a request for additional information, do not

    haphazardly upload documents. Provide a cover letter or transmittal memo explaining your response.• Before you submit an application, review the application checklist.• Also, review all uploaded files to ensure they are not password

    protected, are not upside down and are legible.


    Common sense always works!

  • Entity-Owned Firms


    Certify Knowledge Base

  • Entity-Owned Firms


  • Entity-Owned Firms


  • Entity-Owned Firms

    • Be cognizant of time needed to complete application. Once an invitation is sent to an Individual Contributor, he/she has 48 hours to click on the link and log in to Certify.• Failure to submit all required documents

    § Entities that own current or previous 8(a) participants must still submit all of the required documents for the entity as outlined in the application.

    § SBA Form 1010-AIT, SBA Form 1010-ANC, SBA Form 1010-CDC: upload all documents requested on that form

    § Missing entity’s financial statements for the most recent fiscal year end

    • Failure to identify day-to-day manager in the application• Vague management development plans (tribally-owned companies)


    Most Common Mistakes


    Contact:Office of Certification and Eligibility(415) 744-0328 – San Francisco(610) 382-3062 – King of Prussia