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Substitute Teachers. by Cheryl Trull, Ph.D. Who?. Retired teachers Retired military personnel Certified teachers Alternatively certified teachers Non-certified individuals. What?. Short term – day to day, week to week, month to month Long term – over one month up to one year. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Substitute TeachersbyCheryl Trull, Ph.D.

  • Who?Retired teachersRetired military personnelCertified teachersAlternatively certified teachersNon-certified individuals

  • What?Short term day to day, week to week, month to month

    Long term over one month up to one year

  • Reasons for SubstitutesTeacher retirementsProfessional development Teacher attritionStudent enrollmentReduction in class sizeFamily medical leave (FMLA)

  • Special Education, preK-12 (All areas) MathematicsReading Specialist (Masters degree program)Foreign Language (Spanish preK-12)Science (Earth Science, Chemistry)Middle Grades, 6-8 (departmentalized)Technology Education (Computer Science)EnglishCareer and Technical Education

    Top 10 Shortage Areas

  • What is a substitutes pay scale?

  • Substitutes Pay Scale (North)Pennsylvania $77 - $133/ day

    New York - $60 - $65 / day

    Maine - $46 - $60 / day

  • Substitutes Pay Scale (South)North Carolina$75/day ( $57 for non-certification)

    South Carolina - $35 - $75 (some districts dont require a high school diploma)

    Florida Bachelors degree - $11.73/hourhigh school degree - $8.80; associate degree - $10.75

  • Substitutes Pay Scale (East)Maryland pay depends on degree. (high school education) $47 - $73 / day

    New Jersey - $100 / day

    Delaware $67 - $85 / day

  • Substitutes Pay Scale (mid-West)Chicago IL - $17 per class period; $85/day

    OhioBegins with $40 $60 (10-15 days) $75 and after 10 consecutive days $95 and $125 for retirees

  • Substitutes Pay Scale (West)Oregon - $120.40 and $141.64 daily

    Nebraska - $120 daily

    Arkansas - $100 - $125 with certification; $75 $80 without certification.

    California - $70 - $125 / day

    Hawaii - $112/day

  • Substitutes Pay Scale (locally)VirginiaTazewell Co. - $60+/dayVirginia Beach - $65 ($85 after 21 days)Arlington - $95-130 (long term)West Virginia$89 - $105/day (with or without certification) ($130 after 30 days)


    Other considerationsAlternative certificationsKelly Services

  • RequirementsSome 28 states require only a high school diplomaAlaska, Maine, New Mexico, VermontOther requirementsCalifornia bachelors degree and pass a state reading, math, and writing testMissouri minimum of 60 hrs. of college credit and a background check

  • Alternative certification

    An Alternative Certification can be issued in some states to individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution, and satisfies one or more specific endorsement areas (teaching areas). This may be nonrenewable after three years unless the individual meets certain requirements.

  • WV RESAs8 Regional Education Service Agencies Individuals with 4 yr. degreesTwo days of inservice (12 hrs.)One day of observation (6 hrs.) Total of 18 hrs.Background checkInterview by county personnel directorCalled according to degree (English, business, etc.)

  • Kelly Educational StaffingStandard features of Kelly Educational Staffing include recruiting, screening, orientation/training, scheduling, quality control and retention of substitute teachers.Substitute teachers from Kelly meet state and local certification requirements for any K-12 teaching situation in a public or private school. Provides weekly pay, direct payroll deposit, free software training, vacation/holiday pay, and access to health benefits and a 401(k) program.

  • Substituting DifficultiesClassroom managementInstructional strategiesStudent engagementOut of field placements

  • Be prepared!

    Change of clothesTrain your voiceDress wellKnow subjects as well as possibleKnow school procedures

    Skip the coffeeMake your own hall passHave a backup plan:Substitute packageActivitiesBooksGamesWorksheets

  • What to do:Visit schools Meet the principalLeave your business cardAsk for a substitute packetAsk for a name of an individual you can turn to for helpAssociate with other teachers in the building (if you want to return)

  • SummaryAt first, accept ANY substitute position.Then, decide what areas you feel more comfortable to teach.Remember, principals are mainly looking for good classroom management and if you are flexible.Teachers are looking for good discipline as well as completing lesson plans and even grading papers.

  • Where to Get More InformationContact the board of education in the county or school division you would like to substituteGo to the state department of education websites to obtain information concerning substitutes/teaching positionsDr. Trulls website for further informaiton (

  • More InformationYou may apply in more than one countySome counties in southern WV will allow you to substitute teach before receiving certification (contact Carolyn Cox for a letter indicating completion of your degree)Others may not due to the background check requirementCertification will not be assigned for approximately 3-4 weeks after graduationCheck the WVDE website to determine status

  • Congratulations and Good Luck in your future endeavors!