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@arshi3CAPTURE AND SHARETHE WORLD'SMOMENTSMONTHLY ACTIVESWORLDWIDE400MM MONTHLY AND GROWINGSource: eMarketer, US, July 2015.Projected user growth(eMarketer estimate)2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019MOBILE FIRSTSource: Nielsen Mobile Netview, US, June 2015.1 in 5 mobile minutesCONTENT NATIVE TO THE EXPERIENCENOVEMBER 2013HISTORY OF INSTAGRAM ADVERTISING230k likesmichaelkors 5:15 PM: Pampered in Paris #MKTimelessView all 1,783 commentsmichaelkorsHISTORY OF INSTAGRAM ADVERTISINGPHOTOHISTORY OF INSTAGRAM ADVERTISINGPHOTO VIDEOPHOTO VIDEO CAROUSELHISTORY OF INSTAGRAM ADVERTISINGCOMMUNITY TAKING ACTIONConsumerExperienceAdvertiserPlatformPOWERFUL TARGETING TO DRIVE RELEVANCEDemographics Location Interests BehaviorsTop Partners LookalikesCustom AudiencesSOLUTIONS THROUGHOUT THE FUNNELGuaranteed ImpressionsReach and FrequencyVideo ViewsPost EngagementWebsite ClicksWebsite ConversionsMobile App Installs & EngagementBrandDirect ResponseBRAND OBJECTIVESBRAND TOOLKITPhotoNow supports landscapeVideoNow supports landscape,slideshow and up to :30CarouselNow includes link on first frameBuyingMarqueeReach and FrequencyMarqueeReach and FrequencyVideo ViewsMarqueeReach and FrequencyMeasurementNielsen DAR (OCR) (Select Markets)Nielsen TAR (XCR) (Select Markets)Facebook Brand LiftNielsen Brand EffectMillward Brown Brandlift Insights3rd party ROI Datalogix (US)REAL RESULTS ON INSTAGRAMSource: Instagram analysis of Nielsen Brand Effect results, between November 2013 and September 2015.OVER 700+ CAMPAIGNS98%of campaigns have generated significant lift in ad recall18ptaverage ad recall lift2.8xhigher than Nielsen normsPLANNING FOR YOUR OBJECTIVES ON INSTAGRAMMedia Objective KPIs Recommended Buy Recommended Campaign ObjectiveSingle-day impactGreater than 1x/day frequency1-day Reach Marquee (select markets) N/A (insertion order)Predictable reach Reach, Frequency Reach and Frequency Brand Awareness (coming soon)Efficient reach Reach, CPM Auction (CPM optimized for reach)Brand Awareness (coming soon)Video ViewsEfficient video views Video Views, CPVs Auction (CPM optimized for views) Video ViewsCASESTUDYCAPITAL ONE Instagram helps us drive brand awareness and reach new audiences by bringing our time-honored tagline to life in a new and innovative way: #WalletStories.MARC MENTRYSVP, BRAND MARKETINGCapital One16 pt 3 pt25 ptLIFT IN AD RECALL LIFT IN AD RECALLAMONG PEOPLE 45+LIFT IN FAVORABILITY AMONG 21-24 AGE GROUPA STORY IN EVERY WALLETCASESTUDYCAPTURING THE SIGNS OF SUMMER - RESTAURANTMCDONALDS AUSTRALIA47 pt 4 pt 4 ptLIFT IN MESSAGE ASSOCIATIONInstagram gave us the opportunity to connect with a highly engaged community over summer in a way that felt natural and respectful of the creative platform. With customer insight at the heart of the campaign, we delivered product- and brand-messaging in a subtle yet engaging way. The results speak for themselves.MARK WHEELERDirector of Digital -McDonalds ANZ LIFT IN AD RECALL LIFT IN BRAND FAVORABILITYDIRECT RESPONSE OBJECTIVESA PLACE FOR DISCOVERYVisited a website for more informationSearched for something specific you sawShopped or made a purchaseTold a friend about a post60%of people learn about products and services on Instagram75%of people take action after being inspired by a postSource: Instagram user survey, November 2015.DIRECT RESPONSE TOOLKITAvailable SolutionsWebsite Clicks & ConversionsCalls-to-action: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch Now, Contact Us, Apply NowReporting: Facebook PixelMobile App Installs & EngagementCalls-to-action: Install Now, Use App, Book Now, Download, Learn More, Listen Now, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Watch MoreReporting: Facebook and Partner SDKsCarousel Adwith linkVideo Adwith linkPhoto Adwith linkCLICKING AN INSTAGRAM ADTapping ad photos and videos drives to overlay, confirming intent to click through to website or app store.Call-to-action buttons click with one tap.1 2 3Target wanted to acquire new customers through its mobile savings app, Cartwheel. It launched an "Install Now" campaign using Facebook's lookalike targeting on Instagram. Over two weeks time, Cartwheel saw a ~43% savings per install on new Cartwheel users.SARAH PETERSON PRODUCT AND BUSINESS LEADCartwheel43%SAVINGS PER INSTALLDRIVING EFFICIENT APP INSTALLSTARGETDRIVING CONVERSIONS Its a new market, full of new possibilities and with engaged consumers that experience brands and content in a wildly different way. This test has proved to us that, along with providing much-needed campaign synergy, Instagram has indeed customers which can be reached and in turn be engaged with our content. It really shows promise.Return on ad spend5.1xClick-through Rate1.3%21.5k likesSponsoredFRAMING MOMENTS THAT MATTERFRAMEBRIDGEdecrease in customeracquisition cost Instagram provides an exciting opportunity to connect with a highly engaged digital audience committed to sharing their favorite life momentsMATT CARRINGTONVP MarketingFramebridge9,565 likesframebridge Custom frame your Instagram photos.Easy online ordering and free shipping. Delivered toyou ready to hang. Only $39! framebridge Sponsored71%click-through rate1%increase in click-throughrate over companybenchmark46%Framebridge ads include images by Design Love Fest.RECOMMENDATIONSCampaign Setup Run across Facebook and InstagramDrive to mobile optimized landing pageTargeting & Bidding Apply your Facebook targeting to get startedBid for your business objectiveCreative Leverage existing assets to get startedTake advantage of Carousel Ads performance benefitsReporting Setup cross-device reporting (Facebook Pixel and/or SDKs)Attribute referral traffic to InstagramCREATIVEGETTING STARTED IS EASY1. Link your Instagram account, or use your Facebook Page to advertise on Instagram2. Include Instagram in your new and existing Facebook ad sets3. Manage, optimize and report together