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  • REMOTE PAYMENT PROCESSING TAKES FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW TO UNPRECEDENTED HEIGHTS The Farnborough International Airshow is a seven-day international trade fair for the aerospace industry which is held once every two years at the Farnborough Airfield in Hampshire, England.

    CHALLENGE The Farnborough International Airshow is a temporary exhibition and as a result it faces a number of challenges in terms of internet and phone line connectivity. This has meant, in the past, the organisers have not been able to accept credit card payments at the show, meaning that visitors could buy tickets and make purchases onsite by cash only. This was of course very restrictive and a great deal of business could have been lost as a result. The show did have certain EPOS technologies in place but these had considerable limitations, therefore a decision was made to address this to improve both efficiency and the overall visitor experience. Farnborough International Ltd contacted Verifone with interest in handheld chip and PIN terminals that would overcome these limitations.

    SOLUTION Responding to the request, Verifone built a detailed understanding of the show’s specific requirements and responded by supplying 60 of its Vx 670 GPRS payment devices, combined with PAYware Ocius – Verifone’s ‘payments as a service’ platform.

    PAYware Ocius bundles hardware, software, gateway services, end-to-end encryption, estate management and value-added solutions into a comprehensive managed service offering, which makes card acceptance simple for merchants.

    The Vx 670 is a reliable and robust wireless payment device with ergonomic design and small footprint. Verifone’s VX product range is proven and popular, with over 9 million units deployed globally.

    RESULTS Verifone sent the payment devices to the air show pre-configured and ready to be used, meaning that all the staff had to do was switch them on. No staff training was required and set-up couldn’t have been easier. Vx 670 batteries have a long lifetime, lasting for up to 10 hours a day, which covered the air show’s opening hours, with the batteries being left to re-charge overnight. Verifone also provides a merchant helpdesk available seven days a week in case of issues. However, everything went smoothly at the show and no extra assistance was required.

    Staff at the airshow reported that they found the payment solution efficient, quick and easy to use and they made a greater number of sales by virtue of their implementation.

    CUSTOMER PROFILE Farnborough International Airshow

    BUSINESS FOCUS Business-to-business, Hospitality, Leisure

    LOCATION Farnborough, UK



  • ‘‘ Reliability in challenging circumstances such as at a temporary outdoor exhibition is of paramount importance. Not only do Verifone’s PAYware Ocius Vx 670 GPRS devices ensure this, but they provide us with the ability to take payments remotely, which is such a huge plus for us. We also found Verifone’s web-based management solution to be very helpful. The tools within this service helped us to track our sales and assist in the reconciliation of the accounts. We were so satisfied that we are looking to use the devices for future events and are also considering increasing the number of terminals.’’

    Pina Harvey, Accounts Assistant at Farnborough International Airshow

    THE SOLUTION The rugged, drop-resistant features of the Vx 670 mean that the devices are suitable for use in busy and challenging environments, and enhanced complexity enables the machines to perform operations beyond standard transactions. This includes the ability to handle refunds and a function that allows for the creation of customised receipts. Utilising GPRS mobile data connection for ‘always on’ connectivity, the devices can achieve authorisation in as little as a few seconds.

    Another benefit is that the devices could be rented on a short-term basis of just one month. Due to the infrequent nature of the show, and the fact that it only operates for seven days, show management did not require a lengthy contract which would see them paying ‘out of season’. Verifone’s solution was therefore ideal as pricing options were flexible to fit the show’s needs.

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