Successfully Integrate Social Media into your Recruitment Strategy

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PowerPoint PresentationSocial Media RecruitmentHow To Successfully Integrate Social Media Into Recruitment StrategyWe live in a social media and mobile world A companys ability to find, attract and ultimately recruit skilled talent is going to determine how successful they are. Social media is now in use across the fullrecruitment life cycleShow not tell is the new blackCandidate attraction is visual, social and mobileHow do you use social media to engage and recruit your candidates?1.Know your target talent audience 2. Create a social media recruitment strategy 3. Use all the social networks to search for your talent(Not just LinkedIn)4. Dont forget how important your employer brand is5. Big data is your friend learn how to use it in HR & recruiting 6. Return on investment is important - can you work out ROI for your recruitment? 7. Dont forget to build a robust business case8. What is new around the corner for HR & recruitment?Amazon ReviewsSOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITMENT BIBLEVERY PRACTICAL, LOTS OF EXAMPLES AND CASE STUDIESBRILLIANT BOOK, EASY TO FOLLOW WITH VERY HELPFUL TIPSPOWERFULHIGHLY PRACTICAL GUIDEPeople Management Magazine The book that helps you answer these many questionsGet your copy today at Discount code: SMLslide20(20% off RRP19.99) Thank you