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Suggested Ground Rules. Fully participate Listen and show respect Set electronic devices to mute/vibrate Laptop screens down – until we ask you to login No irrelevant side conversations Be specific and give examples in questions Keep to the point - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Teacher student data link Updates

Suggested Ground RulesFully participateListen and show respectSet electronic devices to mute/vibrateLaptop screens down until we ask you to loginNo irrelevant side conversationsBe specific and give examples in questionsKeep to the pointAccept that constructive disagreements are okayWork to create decisions your team can support

1Teacher Student Data Link Review and Updates

April 14, 2011Data Requirements Subject Areas This is the 2 digit code representing the subject area for the course in which the student is participating. From the SCED table for secondary level courses, and the NEW Prior-to-Secondary SCED CODES list for elementary and non assigned middle school courses REQUIRED FIELD

For students in grade or setting 00-05 or 30: Must be a valid Prior To Secondary SCED CodeFor students in grade or setting 06-08 or 14: Must be a valid Prior to Secondary SCED Code OR Secondary SCED CodeFor students in grades 09-12: Must be a valid Secondary SCED code or 00 for approved CTE Courses, with no Course Identifier Code

If Subject Area Code = 01-22, then Final Grade is RequiredIf Subject Area Code = 01-22, then Credit Granted is RequiredSpecial EducationORIGINALY WE CODED THEM WITH THE FOLLOWING:Code 99 for those students reported in Special Education Elementary or Special Education Ungraded Grade 14

NOWIf you have difficulty identifying Teacher/Student Data Link course codes for transition students, grade 14 students, those with significant disabilities who do not participate in traditional courses and other students whose cognitiveabilities may be within the average range, butthey cannot meet the basic expectations of courses the district offers in at least one content area. For instance, this might be a student who has a very significant learning disability that makes is impossible to meet basic expectations in one typically required class, even with accommodationsor a students with a severe emotional impairment who cannot meet basic expectations because of his/her disability. In order to comply with USED requirements, Michigan must link each student through age 21 with at least one teacher through a course code.

Using the Prior to Secondary Book

For students participating in a self-contained classroom all day, we recommend the following:

73039 Prior-to-Secondary Education (p. 75)Code 73039, representing prior-to-secondary education courses that are not grade-differentiated, should be used when a state or locality does not differentiate courses by either grade level or subject area or when standards apply to a range of consecutive grades (e.g., by third grade, students should know and be able to do) and a multiplicity of subject-area content.


Data Requirements Course Identifier Code This 3 digit course identifier code is for the course in which the student is participating. From the SCED table for secondary level courses, from the NEW Prior-to-Secondary SCED CODES list for elementary level courses and some middle school courses OPTIONAL FIELD FOR 2010-2011 and REQUIRED FIELD FOR 2011-2012

Must be valid NCES Course ID when the Subject Area Code is reported = 01-22Must be the NEW Prior-to-Secondary SCED Course IDs when the Subject Area = 51-73

REMINDERFor Subject Area Code 00 for CTE State Approved Programs you would leave this blank.Data RequirementsLocal Course ID The course identification code assigned by the educating entity. The purpose is to allow the district to send student record updates for specific courses. (i.e. interim grade followed by final grade) REQUIRED FIELD

Local Course Section Number The course section number assigned by the educating entity REQUIRED FIELD

Local Course Title The course name assigned by the educating entity REQUIRED FIELDData RequirementsCourse Type The code best representing the level and rigor of the instruction provided throughout the reported course REQUIRED FIELD

May be reported by students in all grades:01 Regular (Default)06 Non Applicable00 Other

May only be reported by students in grades 7-12:03 Pre-Advanced (course in prep to AP program)

May only be reported by students in grades 9-12:02 Honors04 Advanced Placement05 International Baccalaureate07 Dual Enrollment and Middle College08 Concurrent Enrollment NEW

. Data RequirementsAcademic Year The academic year in which the student last attended the course (e.g. 2004-2005) OPTIONAL FIELD BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Even though the field is optional Why use the Academic Year?If the grade is changed for a student in a subsequent year because of a local appeal process, the updated grade is not required to be reported BUT if the district chooses to report the updated grade, they may do so by ensuring that the correct Academic Year is selected.Data RequirementsCredits Granted The amount of credits granted to the student in Carnegie units for the course or a section of a course (eg., 1.0, .50, etc) CONDITIONAL FIELD

Required when Subject Area Code = 01-22 Secondary SCED with the following exceptions:

Grade or Setting = 14 (Special Education)Completion Status = AU AuditedCompletion Status = OE Ongoing EnrolledData RequirementsCourse Grade The grade the student received for completing the course REQUIRED FOR SECONDARY AND OPTIONAL FOR ELEMENTARY

NEWThese should be board approved grades, what would be on a high school transcriptRequired when subject area code = 01-22Not required for elementary subject area codes = 51-71Not required for students reported in grade 14 (special education)Not required for completion status of AU AuditIf the student did not receive a grade for the course, course and student information is not required

Data RequirementsCompletion Status The students standing for this course when the student is NO longer a participant REQUIRED FIELD

Valid Codes:AU AuditTO Tested OutOE Ongoing EnrolledCP Completed/PassedCF Completed/FailedWE Withdrawn/ExitedWF Withdrawn/FailedWP Withdrawn/PassedCS Completed When students are reported as Grade 14 special education ONLYI - Incomplete

Must not be OE when District Exit Status 19

Data RequirementsTeacher ID The Personnel Identification Code (PIC), as assigned in the Registry of Educational Personnel (REP), for each teacher responsible for some or all of the instruction for this course REQUIRED FIELD

Must be a Valid PIC. The PIC will be validated to the REP to ensure that the PIC exists. Additional checks will be done post-collection to analyze the relationship of the PIC to the reporting entity.At least one PIC per student with the exceptions of Early Childhood, Adult Education, Home Schooled, Non Public School Students.REP will be modified to provide a PIC lookup feature outside of normal collection windows. This will be available to REP authorized users ONLY.

REMINDERDo not report if the Subject Area Code is 00 State Approved CTE ProgramDo not report if Course Type = 07 Dual Enrollment/Early Middle CollegeThe teacher responsible for the STUDENT outcomes should be the one reported. You can report multiple teachers for one Course. It is a locals decision as to which teacher(s) will be held accountable for the students performance

Data RequirementsVirtual Delivery - A Yes/No field indicating whether the student is receiving instruction via a virtual delivery method. This method could be virtual learning, E2020, distance learning, computer-based or internet courses provided at the school OPTIONAL FIELD

Mentor Teacher - A Yes/No field that indicates the instructor of this virtual course is serving in a Mentor capacity. Mentor teachers must be certified OPTIONAL FIELD

Required MSDS Components and Characteristics to be ReportedSubmitting EntityEntity Type Code, Entity Code

Personal CoreUIC, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, Multiple Birth Order, Gender

Student CourseAll the TSDL Fields we already discussed earlier

School DemographicsOperating ISD, Operating District, School/Facility Number, Local Student ID, Grade or Setting

* If the student is Alternative you would also include Program Participation

Who and What do we Report?All courses taken during the current school year. Unless otherwise exempted, all students enrolled for any period of time during the school year are expected to be reported with at least one course and teacher of record.

Students who meet one or more of the following criteria may be exempted:Student enrolled in a district for a short period of time, resulting in no grade(s) being posted to his/her academic recordStudents only enrolled in Early Childhood Education ProgramsAdult Education ParticipantsStudents with active IEPs who are 22 years of age or older as of September 1 of the current yearHomeschooled and non-public school students participating in non-essential curriculum or advanced placement coursesREP and PIC Connection TO TSDLThe PIC numbers are used in TSDL to identify teachersREP contains PIC numbers used to identify teachersREP has the information on teacher certificationsREP has the ability to look up PIC numbers using the new PIC Service Application 24/7 MDE/CEPI will be matching teacher PIC numbers between TSDL and REP to guarantee that teachers are teaching within their certificationsAssessment growth data will be linked to the individual teachers through the use of the PIC number and use in the evaluation process

The New REP PIC ServiceThe REP PIC service is an online application that allows authorized users to obtain PICs for staff at any time 24/7. The REP PIC service will include the following data:

First and Last Name (Middle Name when available)GenderDate of BirthSocial Securi


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