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  • WindowShutters Plantation window shutters allowyou to control light in a far moredynamic way than conventionalwindow coverings.Stylish and ethical, practicality isnot the only reason to choosehand-crafted shutters.The many benefits make shuttersa versatile, long-term solution foryour home.

    LightingPlantation shutters split the each window intoseparate sections, allowing you to control howthe light plays in a room and the amount ofprivacy you enjoy.

  • Tilt rods, running the length of the plantationshutter, allow you to precisely move thelouvers (the horizontal slats), to adjust thelight until its just right. And the shutter panels(or sections) can be fully opened, allowinglight to flood the room.Cafe-style shutters cover just the bottom halfof a window, while Tier-on-Tier shutters allowyou to adjust the panels at the top andbottom of the window independently. Themyriad of options puts you in full control oflighting.

    Privacy & SecurityPlantation window shutters are an effectiveway of maintaining privacy whilst allowinglight to fill the room. Tilting the louvers angleslight into the room but keeps prying eyes out great for street-level windows, noseyneighbours or opportunistic thieves. Andmuch more elegant that a net curtain!

    Energy savingA fully closed plantation shutter locks in heatand keeps the cold out, reducing heat loss byup to 51%. This astonishing figure explainswhy, when efficiency is the future, manyhouseholds are choosing shutters overcurtains. We estimate a 1000 saving onenergy bills over an 8 year period. Plus all thatstyle? Now thats worth it.

    Sound insulationPlantation shutters keep out more than the

  • cold. They are an effective way to keep outsound too, making them a popular choice forchildrens bedrooms. Of course, this worksboth ways sound is also kept in, offeringadded privacy.

    AllergiesOur well-made plantation shutters have nocrevices in which dust can hide. Theyre easyto wipe down and dont collect dust likecurtains.If you find older windows rattle and shake inthe wind, pollutants, pollen and dust will befilling your home. A shutter helps keep outunwanted air particles while letting light in.

    Decorative-fitPlantation window shutters are available inmany shades and finishes, but the mostpopular finish is white. Savvy shoppers knowno matter how their decor changes over theyears, their white shutters will always be astylish addition to the room.

    Our Extensive Range Of WindowShutters

  • Learn more about plantation shutters by Shutter Boutique bybrowsing our extensive range of internal plantation shutters. Youll find

    something for all your needs, be it a special shape, distinctive colour,something for the bathroom, bedroom or lounge.

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    Our professional team of expert plantation shutter fitters is on hand toanswer all your questions. With more than 40 years experiencebetween us, anticipate the best plantation shutter advice the industrycan offer.Taking into consideration your lifestyle requirements and budget, wellrecommend a shutter based on your needs. From louvre size, tilt rodplacement, colour, frame style and shape, well guide you towards themost suitable plantation shutter style for you. Call 0800 145 5278 formore information today!

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