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  • 1. Overview of High-Technology Projects Facilitated by the U.S. Industry Coalition Reflecting a 15 year history of success in guiding industry partners throughtechnology commercialization projects

2. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Nematode Biocontrol Agent for Agriculture Soil-borne nematodes (worms) attack agricultural/horticultural plant roots- Est. 1/4 all plant-grown products inthe world are ruined Synthetic chemical controls are extremely toxic to humans, wildlife, and non-target beneficial insects New fungal biopesticide is potential alternative treatment- Russians will produce fungalstrains; test against variouseconomically-importantnematodes; collect baselineFDA data Goal to have new biocontrol agent on global market within 2 years of testing Projected/Current Sales: Commercialization:TBD2003-2004PNNLPacific NorthwestAgraQuest, Inc. VECTOR National LaboratoryDavis, CA Koltsovo, Russia Richland, WA 4/2003 3. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Computer-aided Discovery and Development ofCrop Protection Agents U.S./Russian Partners are searching for novel, biologically active chemical compounds effective as crop protection agents. Areas under study include: - Plant, insect, fungi, biology - Computational chemistry - Computer-aided molecular analysis Goal to improve production systems for food, feed, and fiber. Commercialization Started Experimental Plant for D&M of Scientific Equipment Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryNewark, DE Chernogolovka, Russia Richland, WA4/2005 4. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Anti-body Based Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammation Cytokines are anti-bodies responsible for regulating immune response in humans When overproduced, cytokines trigger serious autoimmune diseases Cytokines are implicated in the inflammation process in exposure to Mustard and other Agents Cytokine-blocking therapies have been shown in trials in the US and Russia to be effective in treating devastating illnesses such as: - Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis - Multiple sclerosis - Schizophrenia - HIV Project goal to develop improved antibody and address lingering concerns about the current generation of therapies including: - High cost and yield of production - High incidence of adverse reactions in patients requiring multiple rounds of therapy Commercialization Started New HorizonsInstitute of ImmunologicalPacific NorthwestDiagnostics CorporationAdvanced Biotherapy, Inc. EngineeringNational LaboratoryColumbia, MD Woodland Hills, CA Moscow, RussiaRichland, WA3/2006 5. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Advanced Explosive DetectionSystem (EDS) Nanotechnology-based EDS detects contraband atmolecular levels- microbursts of gamma rays produce nano-photonuclearreactions- illegal substances produce unique signature, allowing systemsdetectors to identify both detailing chemical composition andquantityExpandable database allows EDS system to detect &identify explosives; nuclear materials; chemical orbiological agents; illegal drugs; other hazardouscontrabandMiniature high-energy accelerator penetrates allbarriers- Examines cargo containers, airline passenger baggage, air/land/sea shipments- Able to penetrate concealment media water, concrete, steelCost savings realized with automated operation,increased accuracy, lower energy consumptionSystem expected to yield unsurpassable detectionrates and faster processing speeds- Triples rate of baggage screening compared to current systems- Eliminates false positives Valley Forge Composite Technologies Lebedev Physical InstituteLawrence Livermore National Laboratory King of Prussia, PA Moscow, RussiaLivermore, CA11/2004 6. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Low-Maintenance Wind Power System Multi-billion dollar wind power generation industry growing in popularity - Need to reduce CO2 emissions - Need to generate electricity cost- effectively in remote locations for ranchers, farmers, villages, deep-well survival Small (3-70 kW) wind power system uses novel Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) design VAWT offers advantages over conventional Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine - Lower maintenance costs - Increased durability and reliability - More economically viable in remote locationsState Rocket Center, Lawrence BerkeleyEmpire Magnetics, Inc. Makeyev Design Bureau National LaboratoryRohnert Park, CA Miass, Russia Berkeley, CA 7/2003 7. United States Industry Coalition, Inc.Advanced Centrifugal Pumps Energy, petroleum, chemical, and waterservice industries rely on centrifugalpumps Current pumps experiencing stress onmechanical system when operating underoff-design conditions New advanced centrifugal pumps willincrease equipment reliability by reducinghydraulic forces over a broad flow range- New horizontal multistage pumps with very lowaxial thrust variation with flow rate- New horizontal overhung and between-bearingpumps with excellent shaft and bearing housingvibration signatures- New higher speed vertical water circulatingpumps Advanced centrifugal pumps will operatefor long periods of time underchallenging conditions withoutcorresponding increase in life cycle costFlowserve Corporation Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy Brookhaven National Laboratory Los Angeles, CAMoscow, Russia Upton, NY7/2004 8. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Deep Sea Probe for Oil ExplorationPetroleum industry needs a rapid, low-cost device to find offshore oil by analyzing water & core samples collected from deep ocean floor. Accurate analysis will allow industry to tap vast reserves of hydrocarbons, including frozen methane in seabed sediment. Other applications include sea-floor mining, environmental and biodiversity surveys Analysis requires a deep sea probe that: - Operates at depths up to 12,000 feet - Easily deployed worldwide - Is wireless and self-contained - Requires less than 4 hours to retrieve sample - Is capable of collecting sealed core and interstitial water sample - Is resistant to seawater corrosion, extreme environments Project goal to design and commercialize a deep sea probe that can retrieve samples at a cost of less $1,000 per work cycle and that meets the above requirements. Russian personnel will contribute technical expertise and knowledge of specialty state-of-the- art materials able to withstand high pressuresMillennium Technologies Inc VNIIEF NNSA Kansas City PlantKansas City, MOSarov, RussiaKansas City, MO5/2006 9. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Microbes for Oil Pollution Decontamination Widespread oil pollution is urgent globalenvironmental concernEnvironment-friendly, economical biologicalapproach relies on microbes able tosurvive, compete and metabolize oil-basedhydrocarbonsRussian partner has isolated 4microorganisms with high efficiency for bio-remediation of water surfaces and differentsoilsField trials indicate microbial persistence insoil with continued hydrocarbondegradation, allowing re-vegetation within ayear in the regions with warm and wetspring/summer seasons and 2-3 years inarid zonesConventional clean-up methods sometimesaggravate ecological problems; costs rangefrom $500-$5,000 per acreBiological treatment costs expected to beonly $200-$400 per acre Pacific Northwest National Dye Seed Ranch JSC BiochimmashLaboratory Pomeroy, WAMoscow, Russia Richland, WA5/2004 10. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Brown Coal Source of Humic Acid for Soil Remediation at Contaminated Sites Inexpensive brown coalprocessed to derive unique formof humic acid - Similar to humus formed naturally, but concentrated to produce unique properties Application for soil remediation incontaminated areas - Binds heavy metals and radionuclides - Demonstrated effective for PCB remediation - Improves soil for agriculture - Prevents the uptake of contaminants into grass or crops Commercialized technologyalready in production - Stabilite is trade name in U.S. market - Humosorb is trade name in RussiaCommercialization Started Electro-Physical &Institute of Chemical MeansOak Ridge Stable Earth Technology Acoustic Technologies, Ltd. of Plant ProtectionNational LaboratoryY-12 Louisville, KYMoscow, RussiaMoscow, RussiaOak Ridge, TNOak Ridge, TN5/2004 11. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Advanced Pesticides forImproved Crop ProductionAgricultural productivity in both Russia and U.S. is diminished due to pests and diseases - Colorado potato beetle - Potato blight - European corn borer - Apple worm and moth - Soil nematodes Project will develop new pesticides and bio-control applications based on Soviet era research in strategic bio- weapons for crop destruction Pre-1990 research will form basis of new efforts to increase crop quality and production in both countries Improved pest control technologies will also enable Russia to be more self- sufficient and to expand its agricultural export market All Russian Institute of Biological Western-Ag Resources, Inc. Plant Protection (ARRIBPP)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Kennewick, WAKrasnodar, RussiaRichland, WA4/2006 12. United States Industry Coalition, Inc. Neutronics Computational Tools for Medicine and Industry Actual WMD technologies adapted to life-savingprocedures- Nuclear particle transport code combined with nuclear &atomic interaction databases results in 3-dimensionalneutronics algorithm- New computational tool is accurate, fast, highly-reliable,cost-effective Immediate medical application- Enhanced boron neutroncapture therapy computestumor dose more accurately,economically- Computation engine intabletop computer allowsfaster treatment/therapyplanning for cancer patients Potential industrial applications include neutronbeam lines for fission reactors; industrial materialprocessing; anti-terrorist/explosives detection Institute of Physics and Lawrence Berkeley General Atomics Power EngineeringNational Laboratory San Diego, CAObninsk, RussiaBerkeley, CA7/2003 13. United States Industry


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