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Summary Of Read Books. Mircea Eliade Romanul adolescentului miop (Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent ) George Calinescu -Enigma Otiliei ( Otilias`s Secret) Jerome David Salinger-De veghe in lanul de secara - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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SummaryOfRead Books Mircea Eliade Romanul adolescentului miop (Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent) George Calinescu -Enigma Otiliei (Otilias`s Secret)Jerome David Salinger-De veghe in lanul de secara (The Catcher in the Rye)Mircea Cartarescu-Travesti (Travesti)Ionel Teodoreanu-La Medeleni (At Medeleni)

Mircea EliadeRomanul adolescentului miop(Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent)

Although speech is very personalized, the novel has the quality to enable us to rediscover the spiritual tragedy of teenager Mircea. Basically it's every teenage lover of books, his inner world beautiful, lived only from books. Facing real life beyond the attic windows, sometimes removes his ideals Eliade and reveals that he is vulnerable. However, such wandering can not change the essence of his soul and does not alter the character of what we can determine. The Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent we encounter a young high school teenager who wants to write a chronicle of adolescence like no one wrote. Leaving the bend is worn daily, drunk with power that gives them immediate transcription, Eliade is indeed an authentic portrait of adolescence, consisting of game friendships and loves, struggles and aspirations of the typical age of a tense pursuit future promises, the merciless gaze thrown adult world.

The Novel of the Nearsighted adolescent presents us with rigor, courage and a young soul exceptionally naive. We are made partakers of his struggle, the victories and failures, especially as it began understand the destiny of a great man. Everything is translated on paper with much irony and a deliberate (but just failed so) cold and clearance. Do not start reading this novel with an eye to Eliade's other works, because it may miss its charm and meaning. Read the novel and possibly lightly gripped by nostalgia of high school. The power lies in its simplicity and in naivitate.Este a novel without the final, because life ends with the beginning of Eliade.George CalinescuEnigma Otiliei(Otilia`s Secret)

Felix Sima, a young man of 18 years, coming to Bucharest, at the Faculty of Medicine, and goes to his uncle, Mr. Costache Giurgiuveanu that hosting the study period. It is difficult to accommodate life in the capital, his situation is more tense and death of his mother and then his father, Dr. Sima, who also left recently, leaving his legacy in the hands of Costache, his brother in law. One of the reasons literature is the love that awakens and spreads around Otilia. Felix, medical student, becomes obsessed with Otilia. She seems to be very feminine, when her grace - teen flowering. Wants to live his life with intensity and, like any young girl is searching for happiness: "Otilia lived as play at the piano, shattering and gently (...).Jerome David SalingerDe veghe in lanul de secara(The Catcher in the Rye)

Holden Caulfield, the narrator, a teenager expelled from four schools, leaving home a few days before the date set, planning to spend some time in liberty in New York, his hometown. In the few days he comes into contact with more people and pass through stories that constantly demoralises him at the end of the novel the reader finding out what, in fact, it was not hard to guess: that Holden tells his story in a mental hospital . Holden is a frustrated teenager with serious attitude problems. Although most teenagers go through this identity crisis, they manage to overcome most of the times with his friends help and sometimes with family. Unfortunately, this solution does not work for Holden, a kid who, though theoretically has some friends at school and in New York, does not feel close to any of them and at the same time, increasingly away from than family. Moreover, throughout the novel, although he considered himself a mature man, his actions show otherwise. Holden is immature in terms of social inadequacy and even regressing when the novel is close to final.Mircea CartarescuTravesti(Travesti)

Travesti is Victors story, a successful writer who recalls his boyhood, especially one of the experiences of a trip during high school experience that there seems to be marked. remembrance makes Victor - Mature, now at 34, then that is exactly twice the age. The teenager Victor, a ninth grader at the School of Cantemir in Bucharest,want to embark on a initiatory journey to Budila, a journey that would somehow alter its perception of the concepts of time. Victor is a misfit, a budding genius, a solitar. He knows that he lives to write and strongly believes that his life will be an ascetic to imagine writing in an attic poor, the novel of life for people who will be glorified, but that probably only after its entry into posterity. The typical story of one that society ignores, who has become a successful writer but, surrounded by fame and money he realized that he is not happy. Beyond the individual, social adolescence relates to plans that have shaped it over time. Always present the theme of adolescence remains a point of interest to contemporary writers, who relate to the existential drama of contemporary heroes, as happened to the characters from Travesti by Mircea Cartarescu.Ionel TeodoreanuLa medeleni(At Medeleni)

At Medeleni who consecrated Ionel Teodoreanu. It is a novel of an sentimental education. Even if first Volume depicts the childhood and the past, to that of youth itself, Danut, Monica, Olguta and others are some eternal teens through mentality . Focused on two common themes in the work of Ionel Teodoreanu - childhood and adolescence - the cycle of Medeleni represents a novel of a family ,of an age, a generation. The first book - a monograph of pure and fragile childhood like white flowers of apricot (the symbol used by the writer so often) - is invigorated by the liveliness and antics of the age. The second volume, dedicated to high school life, adolescence, foreshadows the destinies of heroes, what better shape in third volumeof maturation - a process that takes place on the idyllic way of life collapse, of giving up paradise. The book contains a series of heroes, especially the young, has three protagonists: Danut, Olguta and Monica. Danut is the author's alter ego,a romantic.Olguta likes to mystify reality precisely because of its realistic and sober spirit, Monica is a link between those two extremes. Along with the novels of M. Drumes or Gr Bajenaru, which presents them in a familiar way and picturesque life of their students, accepting melodramatic and promoting troubleshooting more spectacular than dramatic who is typical for novel.Presentation was made by: Carla Muresan