summative assignment grade - 2 subject gk syllabus

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Fill in the blanks.
1. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. (Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit
Jawaharlal Nehru)
2. Chacha Nehru was born on 14th November 1889. (14th November, 14th December)
3 .Chacha Nehru liked playing cricket. (Cricket, Khokho)
4. Chacha Nehru wore a rose on his jacket. (Rose, Mogra)
5. Chacha Nehru did yoga every day. (Exercise, Yoga)
6. New Delhi is the capital of India. (New Delhi, Bombay)
7. Peacock is the national bird of India. (Peacock, Dove)
8. India’s national flag has three colours. (Three, Five)
Tick the correct answer.
2. Grandma used oven to bake a cake. (Oven, Fridge)
3. Papa used pan to make tea. (Pan, Griddle)
4. Uncle used peeler to peel potatoes. (Spoon, Peeler)
5. Didi used toaster to toast a slice if bread. (Toaster, Cooker)
How many players are there in the teams for the sports given below. Choose from the
bracket. (6, 12, 5, 11)
1. Khokho – 12 2. Football – 11 3. Volleyball - 5 4. Basketball – 12
The bold words are incorrect. Circle the correct words.
1. We must rush our teeth twice a day. (Brush, Hush)
2. Monkeys are bringing from the branch. (Ringing, Swinging)
3. Bring your own moon to eat lunch. (Noon, Spoon)
4. My sister collected bells at the beach. (Shells, Wells)
5. Towers are blooming in the garden. (Showers, Flowers)
Write ‘P’ for protective, ‘B’ for body-building , ‘E’ for energy-giving food for the
Name the water animals and colour the followings.
1. There are no bones in my body. (Jelly Fish, Starfish)
2. In sleep with my eyes open. (Fish, Starfish)
3. My blood is blue in colour. (Octopus, Starfish)
4. I have five arms. Some of us have as many as forty arms. (Octopus, Starfish)
Read the clues and answer the following.
(Chess, Cricket , Badminton , Tennis , Polo ,Archery)
1. Players ride on horses to play this game. - Polo
2. Players use a racket and a ball to play this game. - Tennis
3. Players use bows and arrows to shoot a target. - Archery
4. This is a board game with black and white squares. - Chess
5. Twenty20 is a popular form of this game. - Cricket
6. Players use a racket and a shuttlecock to play this game. Badminton
Choose and write the correct option :-
( Knife , Scissors, Screw driver, Hammer, Opener, Plough, Stapler)
1. Which tool will you use to cut a cake? Knife
2. Which tool will you use to cut paper? Scissors
3. Which tool will you use to lose the screws? Screw driver
4. Which tool will you use to fix a nail in the wall? Hammer
5. Which tool will you use to open a bottle’s lid? Opener
6. Which tool is used by a farmer in his field? Plough
7. Which tool will you use to fasten up the paper? Stapler
Healthy / unhealthy? Cross out the unhealthy food and colour the healthy food.
Write (G) for good habits and( B) for bed habits-
Throw waste in dustbin Brush your teeth Give water to plants
( G ) ( G ) ( G )
Take bath daily Go to school daily Throw waste on road
( G ) ( G ) ( B )
What time is it? Write the time.
6 O’clock 8 O’clock 1 O’clock 9 O’clock
11 O’clock 7 O’clock 2 O’clock 5 O’clock
Write true or false.
2. A strong wind is called a breeze. …………………..
3. We can drink air. …………………..
4. We can feel air. …………………..
5. A kite flies because of the wind. …………………..
6. Air contains smoke,dust and germs. …………………..
See the pictures and write the sports name.