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Summer 2014 IN THIS ISSUE The MESSENGER First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor Summer 2014 Prayer Power .......................................... 5 Green Wood ........................................... 5 Caring and Connected ........................... 6 Clergy Corner ........................................ 2 Adult Classes for Fall ............................. 3 Music & Liturgical Arts Ministries ....................................... 4 Staff Changes ......................................... 7 Jukebox Generation Summer ................ 8

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Summer 2014 Website Messenger IN THIS ISSUE
The MESSENGER First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor Summer 2014
Prayer Power .......................................... 5
Green Wood ........................................... 5
Music & Liturgical
Marcia Schlee 426–2902 Design and Production Editor
The Messenger is published monthly, except for Summer & Winter editions. The submission deadline for the September issue will be Sunday, August 10. Email church news and photos to Marcia Schlee at [email protected].
Published by Ann Arbor First United Methodist Church 120 South State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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Pastors J. Douglas Paterson [email protected]
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William Dunifon [email protected]
Program Staff Ann Marie Koukios Director of Music and Liturgical Arts [email protected]
Beth Pascoe Director of Children’s Ministries [email protected]
Melanie Snook Director of Youth Ministries [email protected]
The Messenger
KNOW God LOVE Others SERVE the World
Clergy Corner
The two ten year old boys were having din- ner together. One of the boys, from Michi- gan, was just starting to tell the other about the thrills that await when he would ride the rollercoasters at nearby Cedar Point.
The other boy was visiting from China; the only child of an American father and a Chinese mother. As the stories of the rollercoaster rides drew more and more vivid they grew more and more spine tin- gling. They also grew more and more scary for the only child who had never been on a rollercoaster. As the stories continued the eyes of the only child opened wider and wider and the fear mounted.
Finally, the visitor from China blurted out he certainly NEVER intended to ride any of the rollercoasters described so graphically by his friend.
What was exhilarating for one was fright- ening for the other and the joy of the ex- hilaration did not seem worth it to the other.
Sometimes, we adults are like the visitor from China when we contemplate the pos- sibility of experiencing something we never have experienced before. Sometimes the description of the exhilarating moments creates fear in our hearts and minds. And because of that, we chose to avoid the new and unknown experience altogether. For many of us, this is even true of explorations we may be urged to make in our spiritual and religious lives.
The Rollercoasters and the Ten Year Olds
Jesus called the women and men who were His followers – His disciples – to reach be- yond that which was known and familiar to them. He did not ask them to pursue the comfort of the known but rather the discomfort of the unknown and new.
That is the nature of the call that has per- sisted down through the ages as our Lord calls us to “new life”. It is a call to saying and doing and thinking in ways that are uncomfortable and new. In fact, it is most often the case, says the New Testament, that we will only experience the freshness of the “new life” when we let go and allow our- selves to tread on unknown and totally new ground.
Like the visitor from China, we as disciples of Jesus are called to reach beyond the known and comfortable. We are called to pursue lives that place us on unknown and uncomfortable ground in order to be faith- ful to the one who we call Lord and through whom we each seek salvation.
May we each have the capacities needed to take the steps that will place us on the un- known and uncomfortable ground to which Jesus calls us.
Summer 2014 3
A Preview of Adult Education Offerings for Fall 2014
This fall we are launching several new studies for adults and hope you will find something that piques your interest and nourishes your faith. Keep an eye on our website and worship bulletin for further information, and look for sign-up instruction in the days ahead!
Is the Church Reforming or Dividing? A Challenge of the Past and Present — The current tensions around LBGT issues that are tearing at the United Methodist church reflect a modern reiteration of an old conundrum: when is reform necessary and how to go about discerning and implementing it? When does reform come up against the non-negotiable? If we consider Frank Shaefer’s recent history with the UM church, this series brings the question of change, of disposition to change, and radical change in Christian history, especially Protestant history, into a new light. The conflicts of the sixteenth and nineteenth (e.g., Methodism’s severing over slavery and region) centuries will allow us to trace the tensions of the current challenges over belief and practice, challenges that are amplified by the robust agency today of Asian, Latin American and African Christians. Led by Dan Ramirez • Two classes only: September 14 & 21. 11:00 a.m.
Economics and Faith: Krista Tippet’s conversations about money, capitalism and doing good — Join Pam Stout as she uses Krista Tippett’s (Host of the radio show “On Being”) curriculum Economics and Faith – what role does economics play in the lives of people of faith? The moral life of a nation? The interaction of a nation like the US on a world stage? Combining segments of interviews from Tippett’s show with discussion, the group will look at some of the following issues: - Generosity and benevolent transactions - Greed and economic fear - Collective responsibility and consumerism. Led by Pam Stout. • This weekly Sunday class will run 5 weeks. Place/dates/times yet to be determined.
Zionism Unsettled — This class offers a fresh look at the roots of Zionism to better understand the seven decades long Israel/Palestine conflict. Bart Beavin and guest speakers will lead the class through an exploration of the history, doctrine, and various forms of Zionism, with perspectives on Palestinian Christians and Muslims, Jewish theology of liberation, and evangelicals and Christian Zionism. Led by Bart Beavin and guest speakers. • Place/dates/times yet to be determined.
The Disciple’s Journey — This class led by Pastor Nancy is an exploration of discipleship and different opportunities for growing in faith within FUMC as well as in our daily lives. We will look at five aspects of discipleship (which happen to correspond to five elements of church membership) - prayer, presence, gifts, service and witness. This class is appropriate for people new to the church as well as long-standing members and anyone who is interested in deepening their faith. • Sunday evenings/5 weeks—specific place/dates/times yet to be determined.
Disciple 1: Becoming Disciples through Bible Study — In a 32- to 34-week study, participants discuss scripture based on careful study and preparation, bringing their own experiences and struggles to the discussion. Through Disciple Bible studies, participants are strengthened in their faith and guided through the in-depth study of scripture, from Genesis through Revelation. • Please contact Debbie Houghton if you would be interested in a Disciple 1 study. Class meets from September to May; time, place and leader are yet to be determined. Disciple Graduates: Could you lead this study? A leader is needed to make this Disciple 1 class happen this fall. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity if you have completed Disciple 1. It is a wonderful way to combine a small group experience with learning about the Bible. (Contact Debbie with interest)
Interest in or questions about these studies should be directed to Debbie Houghton ([email protected]).
The Messenger4
Cabaret 2014
“A Night in Casablanca- From Swing to Sinatra ”
Save the Date - Saturday, October 4, 2014 Annual Music Fundraiser Cabaret Evening
Greetings in the summer months! We hope the summer brings relaxation, renewal and family fun for all! May this also be a time you might consider entering in to the marvelous Music Ministry program at FUMC this coming fall. Please prayerfully consider joining our Chancel Choir. All are welcome! This year, we will be sharing a number of new and varied anthem offerings as well as preparing for two major works – Saint-Saens’ “Christmas Oratorio” (December) and Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass” (May). We are a fun bunch and are always in need of additional singers in all parts. If your schedule does not permit a weekly commitment, please speak with our Minister of Music, as we can accommodate those of you with conflicts in order to still give you an opportunity to be a part of this ministry. You might also consider joining one of our FUMC Bell Choirs. There is a place for you at any level of entry – beginning, intermediate, or advanced ringer. No auditions required!
Many thanks to all who have and will continue to provide special music for our Downtown summer worship services this year. We are blessed with such wonderful talents within our congregation.
Ann Marie Koukios, D. M. A. Minister of Music
Market Donations On Saturday, October 4, 2014, we will again celebrate the Music and Liturgical Arts fundraiser here at First United Methodist Church, with an evening of fine dining, wonderful music, and an opportunity for people to shop for some won- derful quality donations in our Market Place. The Market Place Team is look- ing for donations of services, quality items, gift baskets, football tickets, movie tickets, play tickets, pictures, quality crafts, and more that you might like to donate to the cause. Please contact Phyllis Rector at (734) 482–8999 or send an email to [email protected] if you have an item or items that you are willing to donate.
Our Music and Liturgical Arts team presents our annual fundraiser, an evening of fine dining, fun, frivolity, and dynamite entertain- ment. Along with our reception and silent auction, a sumptuous catered dinner will once again be provided by Chef Alex Young of Zingerman’s Roadhouse. We hope you will join us for “A Night in Casablanca-From Swing to Sinatra” featuring the popular music from the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s including such classics as In the Mood, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, I’ll Be Seeing You, Some Enchanted Evening, God Bless the Child, Star Dust, It Had to be You, I Get a Kick Out of You, The White Cliffs of Dover, and more!
Summer 2014 5
PRAYERPRAYER The Beauty of Three
We’ve all used or heard the expressions: “The third time is the charm” or “Things happen in threes.” The beauty of three can be found in every religion and society. Many phases of life can be found in threes: Child-adult-senior
Mother-father-child Past-present-future Birth-life-death or life-death-rebirth meaning life after death
In our everyday living, we encounter patterns of three: There are three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue Nature consists of earth, sea, and sky There are three types of matter: animal, vegetable, mineral Three forms the geometric triangle
The number three is important in various cultures: To the Chinese, it is a perfect number In Buddhism, there are the “three jewels”: Buddha (the enlightened one), Dharma (the teachings), and Sangha (his followers) The Japanese have “three treasures”: truth, courage, and compassion
In Christianity, the number three is integral to our faith, its teachings, and stories:
The Trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) Three Wise Men visited the Baby Jesus, bringing three gifts According to the Gospel of John, Jesus preached for three years In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” We are guided by the principles of faith, hope and love or charity that are outlined in I Corinthians
How can we incorporate three into our lives? We can live and act by the principles of faith, hope, and charity We can honor earth, sea, and sky Phrases of threes can become a mantra for meditation Our gratitude lists can consist of three items
A Prayer of Threes: Our Father, Help us to value the complexity and beauty of your natural world, even as we recognize the simplicity of three in our lives. Help us to focus on the teachings of your Son, the second Person in the Trinity, and follow his principles of faith, hope, and love as we aspire to live according to your plans for us.
Saturday Worship 5:00 p.m. Casual, Contemporary, and Creative
Coffee House Series 8:00 p.m. (Fridays)
David Vaughn, Green Wood Music Director
1001 Green Road, north of Glazier Way
Green Wood Green Wood
Sept. 5 Kat Eggleston $12
Sept. 19 David Barrett $12
Sept. 26 Peter Mayer $17
Oct. 17 Small Potatoes $15
First United Methodist Church 120 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Summer 2014
Caring & Connected This page comes to you as “news” from around our congregation and as a prayer list, in the hopes that it will enable us all to be caring of and connected to one another.
New Members...
Erin Chin, Brian and Laura Hayden, Doug Plowman and Lauren Kraft Plowman
On the Move...
Larry & Prudy Dittmar to 2544 Breckenridge Dr., Ann Arbor, 48103
Our Sympathies...
To Berry Bourne and family—Berry’s wife, Barbara Bourne, passed away on June 19.
To the family of Esther Warzynski, who passed away on June 23.
To Dixie Barnes and family—Dixie’s husband, Burt Barnes, passed away on July 3.
To Andy and Megan LaBarre and family—their son, Rowan David LaBarre, was born July 5 and passed away on July 7.
To the family of Herb Ellis, who passed away on July 10.
To Barbara Krick and family—Barbara’s husband, Jim Krick, passed away on July 13.
To Courtney Hanley and family — Courtney’s father, Dennis Hanley, passed away on July 16.
To Linda LaBarre and family — Linda’s mother Agnes, passed away on July 21.
To the family of Mary Albrecht, who passed away on July 21.
Also in our thoughts and prayers...
Phil Alexander, Barb Baily, Cliff Baker, Harry Benford, Bev Bole, Letitia Byrd, Arthur Carr (Jan Radak’s father), Janene Centurione’s mother, Marilyn Chase, Joyce Chesbrough, Phyllis Cook (Linda Haywood’s cousin), Sharon Cox and her daughter, the Crumm family, Bob Dillon, Melanie Fuscaldo, Bob & Elaine Greene, Carol Guydan (Cheryl Baker’s mother), Jane Harari (friend of Linda Brokaw), Frances Hartmann, Florence Hendel, Barbara Hoffman’s parents, Gini Hunt, Carole Hunter, Martha Irwin, Bob Johnston, Betty Jones, Chuck & Dorothy Jones, Patty Keesee, Marilee Kelly, Gary Krause, Doris Kraushaar, Bob Lawless, Cynthia Lee, Betty Makena, MaryAnn (Tom Chapell’s sister), Alfred Neelands, Stella Nicklowitz, Sharon Owens (sister of Kathy Lawless), Kim Richardson-Hippler, Doris Rumman, Larry Sarbaugh, Marcia Schlee, Bob Simmons, Ed Tabler, Jan Weaver, and Norma Wonnacott.
Please help us to connect by submitting information for this page to the church office (734-662-4536 or [email protected].) Information reported as confidential will not be publicized.
In June, 29 counselors and junior high youth took part in the annual Zeba mission trip in L’Anse, Michigan, where they provided a daily Vacation Bible Camp for this mission of the Detroit Annual Conference of the UMC.
In June, 52 counselors and senior high youth travelled to Camp Mechuwana, a Methodist camp in Winthrop, Maine, to work on a variety of service projects.
Our Vacation Bible Camp in early July was attended by a record 149 children! This happened with the assistance of 83 volunteers from the congregation. It was an amazing week of fun for all.
Grayson Nathaniel Bursch, son of Robyn Edison and Eric Bursch, was born July 16.
Carl Brennan Hayden, son of Brian and Laura Hayden, on June 1.
Elijah Sung-Min Chun, son of Sang and Erin Chin, on June 8.
New Member Doug Plowman was baptized June 8.
Alyssa Elaine Townsend, daughter of Roy and Stacey Townsend, June 29.
Janet Lorell Griffin-Bell and Arlene Sue Griffin Oleski, July 6
Isaac Elliott Spence, son of Stephen and Liesl Spence, July 13.
New Members Doug Plowman and Laura Kraft were married on June 28 by Rev. Nancy Lynn.
Wedding Anniversaries...
Mark Beaver & Maggie Teall – 10 years, August 12
Norm & Anne Cox – 25 years, August 12
Cass & Cindy Radecki – 25 years, August 12
Keith & Tracy Knudsen – 15 years, August 14
Bart & Helen Beavin – 55 years, August 15
Michael & Nan Elliott – 35 years, August 25
Kevin & Karen Larson – 15 years, August 28
Jim & Betty Lester – 60 years, August 28
Marcos Bacelis & Jean Bush-Bacelis – 40 years, August 31
6 The Messenger
Summer 2014 7
Head Custodian in 2010. Since then, he has managed his own home and commer- cial cleaning business and also filled in as a Custodian for the school district. Rod has also served as Custodian for Stony Creek United Methodist Church in Ypsilanti. Rod enjoys gardening, landscaping, camping with his family, and small building projects.
Jennifer Green Jennifer joins FUMC as a part-time Ac- counting Clerk working about eight hours per week with Marty Javornisky, our Busi- ness Manager. Jennifer grew up in Dexter but has lived in Ann Arbor for about 20 years. She has been married for 11 years and has three children—a girl who is nine and two boys who are eight and six. She spent about two years in full time ministry with students at the University of Michigan be- fore having children and is now in her third year of doing freelance accounting work in the Ann Arbor area.
Rev. Dr. Bill Dunifon Rev. Bill joins FUMC as Pastor of Congrega- tional Care. Bill will primarily be responsible for congregational care efforts, which includes pastoral visits with those who are shut-in or in the hospital and leadership of the visita- tion team. Bill will also be an active member of the FUMC clergy team and take on a num- ber of pastoral responsibilities.
Bill comes to FUMC as a retired Presbyte- rian minister and university administrator. Most recently, Bill served for four years as the interim, part-time pastor at Peoples Presbyterian Church in Milan. He has also served in interim pastor roles for large Pres- byterian congregations in River Forest, Il- linois, and Bablyon, New York. Bill also served as a Parish Associate at four other Presbyterian churches while working full- time as a university administrator. Bill re- ceived his M.Div. from Princeton Theologi- cal Seminary.
Changes We’ve recently had some staff changes at FUMC.
Please join me in welcoming three new people to the FUMC staff team. Jordan Komoto, Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair
Some key positions in Bill’s administrative career include stops as Dean of the College of Education and Human Services and Ex- ecutive Director of Governmental and Community Relations at University of De- troit Mercy, Director of Academic Services for the School of Education at the Univer- sity of Michigan, and President of the Montreat Educational Conference Center (affiliated with the national Presbyterian denomination). Bill earned his B.A. in American Studies from Stetson University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michi- gan. Bill is also a member of the Ann Arbor Rotary Club.
Rod Kirchoff Rod joins FUMC as a full-time custodian and will start to become a familiar face around the church at events and during the week. Rod spent 32 years as a Custodian for the Ypsilanti School District, retiring as
The Messenger
Friday, August 22 CASS Workday in Detroit
Sunday, August 24 All-Church Breakfast and Fall Preview, 10:30 a.m. Downtown Social Hall
Friday, September 5 Green Wood Coffee House, Kat Eggleston, 8:00 p.m. FUMC Green Wood
Sunday, September 7 Back to two services Downtown Fall Kickoff—Youth Picnic at Burns Park
Friday, September 19 First FiSH FRI Event of the Fall Downtown Social Hall Green Wood Coffee House, David Barrett, 8:00 p.m. FUMC Green Wood
Friday, September 26 Green Wood Coffee House, Peter Mayer, 8:00 p.m. FUMC Green Wood
Saturday, October 4 Cabaret Downtown Church
Sunday, October 12 CROP Walk @ Rudolf Steiner High School
Friday, October 17 Green Wood Coffee House, Small Potatoes, 8:00 p.m. FUMC Green Wood
October 24–26 Youth Fall Retreat Judson Collins
Sunday, November 2 Harvest Dinner Downtown Social Hall
Tuesday, November 4 CASS Youth Workday
November 10–17 IHN Alpha House Host Week