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1. SUPERNATURAL People have been waiting for this very moment. Ghouls, demons, vampires: you name it Supernatural has got it. This programme gets people in a cliff-hanger ending. 2. What its all about.

  • Supernatural is about two demon hunting brothers who travel around killing whatever evil creature comes their way, and occasionally teaming up with other Hunters to rid the world of the monsters that are all around us. That is there life, or so they thought..

3. Relationship between Sam and Dean

  • Sam and Dean are brothers.
  • They try to hunt down the demon that killed their mother and their father and Samsgirlfriend.
  • There was a deal by Sam and Deans mother with the yellow eyed demon that killed Sam and Deans father.
  • The deal was he brings back their father and she would have two kids: Sam and Dean of course. The yellow eyed demon said hed drop down and he said dont
  • disturb me.
  • But she did disturb him and got killed.
  • He bled in Sams mouth andnow Sam has demon blood.

4. The dooms day clock is ticking for Dean

  • Sam died and Dean made a deal with the cross road demon. For Sam to come backto life there is catch Dean goes to hell in a year. The deal is grantedSam comes backhegoes to the cross road demon and say I will kill you and break the deal. She say Lilith owns the deal so Sam kill her.

5. Deans goesto hell

  • Dean gets killed by hell hounds and goes to hell Sam doses every thing to get him outhe makes deals but he could not save dean. Then a angel rescue him from hell.

6. SamSeesDean again

  • Dean sees Sam again Sam thinks he a demon. Sam tries to kill him Dean hasprove
  • to him he is not a demon Sam hugs Dean
  • The Winchester continue tune in next time for more action.