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    Supernatural powersIntroduction

    The term supernatural pertains to an order of existence beyond the scientifically visible

    Universe. Religious miracles are typically supernatural claims as are spells and curses,

    divination, the belief that there is an afterlife for the dead, and innumerable others.

    Supernatural beliefs have existed in many cultures throughout human history.

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    The word has been derived from Latin

    Super-supra above, natura nature

    Its a highly controversial topic. And it is claimed that the controversy remains till there

    exists the people who do not believe on the existence of supernatural powers. The

    supernatural term is often used interchangeably with paranormal or preternatural

    Some events occur according to natural laws, and others occur according to separate set of

    principles external to nature. For example GOD is considered to be the ultimate creator of the

    universe and the natural laws. Those who believe in angels and spirits generally assert that

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    they are supernatural entities. Some religious people also believe that all things which

    humans see as natural only act the same way consistently because god will it so, and that

    natural laws are an extension of divine will.

    Things/phenomena are which depict the presence of the belief on

    supernatural powers:

    Amulets and charms

    Jinn and angels

    Legendary characters such as vampires , leprechauns, fawns and other fairytale


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    Magic ; Claimed to be practised by many prophets sent by GOD almighty to preach

    his message to mankind

    Black magic;revengefull in nature

    Mysterious incidents are claimed to happen due to some supernatural character behind


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    The purpose behind this project is to create awareness among our peers that what hazards lies

    when we became victims in the hands of people, who claim themselves to be our mentors,

    People like pir fakirs, who earn their living by making the common man fool.

    It is to bring out the evil and unveil the traditional and prehistoric non Islamic practices going

    on for several years.

    The objective is not all about opposing the supernatural phenomena but, it is draw a line

    between the truth and the infatuation. This topic has been chosen to bring out the stories and

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    myths associated to many innocent lives which were given a silent death just because the

    people surrounding them believed that they were cursed or casted with evil spells.

    The objective is to rub off the dust of illiteracy and lighten up the fire of literacy .The

    malpractices done by taking name of supernatural power under the shed of the name social

    service, needs an eye of concern until it silently gains strength and engulf a civilized society

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    Detailed introduction:

    As enlisted before supernatural beliefs and powers are one of the controversial topics

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    The word supernatural, superstitious, paranormal always invoke human ideas since the day

    human landed on the surface of the earth. So being teenagers and highly inspired by the

    legendary myths presented in comic books we choose this topic. Addition to that we have

    been noticing the gradual rise in the crime rate of such areas where the people who believe in

    supernatural powers are in excess. We have been noticing that as mankind is moving towards

    the progress in technology, the world is getting divided in to two parts which has the

    population of literate in illiterate. The illiterate population seeks refuge in things like amulets,

    charms and other such things. They believe that they can gain power and strength hand in

    hand by the help of these things, which actually are nothing but the ________

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    The ratio of the people who believe in the presence of such powers in the south Asian

    countries is more than the rest of the world, which somehow sometimes creates a barrier in

    between the development and the society.

    Government usually shows negligence to such things, according to the they have more

    practical things to think about and work on, rather than searching for the social evil. Acting

    realistic, yes the government of Pakistan is correct, but simultaneously we cant close our

    eyes even and presume everything around us is just fine.

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    Chapter 1

    1.1 Hypothesis:

    Illiteracy and unawareness is the main reason behind the high ratio of the people who believe

    in the presence of supernatural powers. The research we conducted through questionnaires

    and through the survey we took around the suburbs the point was even clearer than ever.

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    1.2 Delimitation:

    We have delimited our survey to the university and its surroundings. In an addition to that we

    made our visit to Gilani research foundation. Where we conducted some interviews and

    gathered our data.

    1.3 Sampling:

    We had given our questionnaires for about 20 people in the Air university .And we have

    based our analysis on the results which were obtained from them .We interviewed 3 Tarot

    card readers from the B.B.A. department. We also had conducted 5 interviews from the

    various students about how they feel when they are asked do the paranormal things reallyexist?

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    So our conclusion is totally based upon the survey we have done of the foundation and the

    interviews we have conducted in the university.

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    Chapter 2

    2.1 Research:

    The research we had done was not only internet oriented, but we made our visit too many of

    the research foundations as enlisted in the previous chapter. We concluded our results

    through the questionnaires and through the interviews we have conducted but in order to

    create more awareness among ourselves and to create a wider picture of the topic in ourminds, we took the glance at the local news paper, and to our greatest surprised we found that

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    people around us are still clutched in the clutches of fate. The still believe in existence of

    such beings which can enter into their bodies and provide them powers. Such an article was

    published in Dawn, the newspaper, stating that, the people of hunzakut posses a shamanistic

    tradition centred on religious specialists. The practitioners inhale the smoke of burning

    juniper branches and dance on a special music, drink blood from the freshly served goats

    head, enter into ecstatic trances and converse with supernatural beings. Well the research

    done through the news paper drew the clear picture in front of us telling. That, yes, illiteracy

    is the major cause to the problem.

    But as we delimited our research inside the university we conducted interviews. As the

    people belonging to different areas come to the university, whether it is rural or urban. As we

    went on, we noticed yes today what people do the first thing in the morning is to, go to the

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    horoscope section in the news paper. The tarot card readers gave boost to our research. To

    our greatest surprised we found some palm readers too who claimed to have the art of reading

    the palm of the people and they can discuss the fate of the people.

    Well the Gillani research foundation to which we made the visit provided us percentages of

    the people living in the urban and rural areas who believe in the presence of different

    supernatural beings.

    2.2 Interviews:

    The interview which we conducted contained the question that what do think about

    paranormal, supernatural powers, do they exist?

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    We interviewed Saba pervaiz first semester B.B.A. department, she replied Yes! They do.

    To continue the talk we asked what makes you think that. She said Well the religion we

    believe in, Islam, openly says in it holy book that the supernatural beings, such as, jinn,

    fairies and angels exist, plus the religion was put to a start by the deliverance of Gods

    message to mankind via angel...

    We interviewed another girl from the same department and semester, Rabia Akhtar, who

    sounded much more modernized and was off the fact that there exist any such supernatural


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    We conducted another interview with a girl, Zara Husain, first semester, from the telecom

    engineering department. She replied well to me there exist only Allah where as the rest is

    just fake. When we asked what makes he think so, she replied Its so unnatural and


    Whereas when we as