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Locations Location would be made to appear isolated to create a dark atmosphere. E.g. a neglected and abandoned house or dark college corridors/room


Technical codesCamera shots will include shots such as:close ups - to show the characters facial expressions and feelings or to show an objectHigh angle shots- to show that a character is inferior and vulnerableLow angle shots- to show that a character is superiorPoint of view shot- to allow the audience to see from the characters viewLong shot- to show the location and settings Tracking- to follow the characterThere will also be sounds and editing included such as ambient diegetic sound like footsteps or non-diegetic such as a heartbeat.editing in this horror film could be used to make some scenes more fast paced to create suspense and tension.



Low key lighting will be used most to create dark shadows and a dark atmosphere.However, there may be both dark and light lighting to emphasize the supernatural experiences that may be going on. Costume and props will be used to help identify the horror genre and the characters. For example, a white long figureless dress and props such as wigs/masks.



Alienation - fear of being alone Death - the inevitable. something you cannot avoid Self consciousness- making you question what is real and what is not real insanitysurvivalsupernatural - curses, possession