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  • 1. every man has a calling. find it. live it.
  • 2. REVIEW
  • 3. The Dash
  • 4. Are you Living Life? Every man dies - Not every man really lives. --William Ross Wallace
  • 5. Supernatural Business
  • 6. Supernatural Calling Gifting Tal ion e nt ss Pa The Calling t en Sp m Hub he gn re i ss A
  • 7. Supernatural Calling
  • 8. Supernatural Calling
  • 9. Supernatural Calling
  • 10. Supernatural Calling
  • 11. Supernatural Calling
  • 12. Supernatural Calling Power Moves Calling Gifting Forward Tal ion ent ss Pa But you shall receive POWER when the Holy Spirit has come upon t en you; and you shall be Sp m witnesses to Me[a] in he gn Jerusalem, and in all re i ss Judea and Samaria, and A to the end of the earth. Acts 1:8
  • 13. Supernatural Provision
  • 14. Supernatural Favor
  • 15. Supernatural Faith Elijah was a man with a nature like ours.. James 5:17
  • 16. Supernatural Lifestyle
  • 17. Supernatural Evangelism
  • 18. Q Workshop uestions... 1) What is ONE TRUTH in this series that has IMPACTED you the most? 2) What are some ways that you are going practically ACTIVATE your supernatural calling in the WORKPLACE? 3) PRAY for one another to DO BUSINESS SUPERNATURALLY in your workplace.
  • 19. every man has a calling. find it. live it.