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  1. 1. Supply Chain Guru X Revolutionary Supply Chain Design Salvatore Barbagiovanni Sales and Account Executive for LLamasoft Italy 27 Giugno 2017, LogisticaEfficiente Milano Cellulare : 0033 684 827 498
  2. 2. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, with growing presence in EMEA controlled by co-founders and employees and supported by strong investors A global team of 480+ Employees Culture of Diversity, Service, Integrity Everything focused on supply chain optimization all of our Customers Staff Software Enabling companies to compete and win through better supply chain design Reducing Cost Improving Service Managing Risk
  3. 3. Great Planning & Execution Cannot Overcome Bad Design
  4. 4. Design vs. Planning / Execution ExecutionPlanningDesign How do I make sure everything happens? What Can I Do To Improve My Existing Supply Chain? What Supply Chain Should I Have? Strategic Tactical Operational HoursWeeksMonthsYears Degrees of Freedom Constraints $$$ ROI
  5. 5. Designer Viewer Planner Design Platform Technology Integration Your Data Sources
  6. 6. Visualize, Analyze, and Optimize the End-to-End Supply Chain for Significant Improvements in Cost, Service, Sustainability and Risk Visualize your Supply Chain : Create living digital models of your supply chain to visualize current operations and uncover problems and areas of inefficiency or risk. Visualize models in different ways utilizing maps, views, graphs, and dashboards. Analyze alternate strategies : Evaluate and compare hundreds of scenarios side-by-side. Make strategic decisions and react rapidly to planned and unplanned supply chain disruptions. Supply Chain Guru can show the optimal design given variations in your assumptions. Simulate to Test Potential Changes : Test supply chain designs to make sure they will function as planned in the face of real world variables and business needs. Execute supply chain in a digital environment to factor in variability for each individual transaction, decision and movement throughout the supply chain. Optimize for best performance : Identify optimal supply chain designs based on assumptions around demand, costs, lead times and availability. Show the cost- optimal network design and the optimal design given variations in assumptions and business objectives.
  7. 7. Selection of Customers in Europe
  8. 8. Supply Chain Design Drives Significant Cost Savings 16,0% 12,0% 40,0% 32,0% < $ 1 Mn. $1 - $10 Mn. $10 - $50 Mn. $ 50 Mn.+ Savings Implemented by COEs GloballyWhat is the Secretto Success?
  9. 9. Summary Messaging Brand new product, built from ground up combining the best features from Guru v8, CAST, and LNP into one amazing new product Solves more detailed, end to end costing and process design questions with the enhanced modeling paradigm All 4 technologies included: NO, TO, SSO, and SIM Intuitive and powerful visuals with brand new maps, views, graphs, scenario comparisons, and dashboards Globalized user interface translated into Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and English Cloud solve Intuitive and powerful dashboards Intuitive, fun interactions with all 4 integrated solvers to solve NO, TO, IO, and SIM
  10. 10. Solution Design Workshop Approach Discovery (30 min) Costs in play Top mgmt. objectives Top pain points Prior efforts First Demo (2 hr) Targeted briefing/demo based on needs identified Pre-Workshop Planning Calls (1 hr) Pre-workshop interview questions Discuss high urgency projects Meeting agenda, logistics, attendees, backgrounds Potentially multiple concalls (1/week) leading up to the event Workshop (1 day) On-site interviews & requirements elaboration Develop candidate list of possible projects and related timing Benefit Estimation (Rough order of magnitude) Executive Briefing (2-3 hrs) Project roadmap Educational Demonstration(s) Case studies COE best practices Business case Estimated Costs & Benefits Timeline
  11. 11. Take Your Supply Chain To the Next Level Let s help you understand what value Design in Supply Chain could bring to your organization Target one or several typical use cases Be the leader and sponsor of SC Design In case of doubt do a ramping up project Involve your executive management
  12. 12. Thank You Salvatore Barbagiovanni Sales and Account Executive for LLamasoft Italy 27 Giugno 2017, LogisticaEfficiente Milano Cellulare : 0033 684 827 498
  13. 13. Appendix
  15. 15. Industry Specific Project Priorities Trends in Design Projects 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Retail Public Health Manufacturing Logistics Life Science High Tech Food & Bev Federal CPG Consulting Chemical Auto Network Strategy Inventory Strategies Sourcing Optimization Cost to Serve Transportation Route Analysis Transformative, long-term innovation for business Duties and Taxes Analysis S&OP (supply/capacity planning) M&A Rationalization of Assets Omni-Channel Distribution Analysis LLamasoft BBX Annual Survey 2016 232 Respondents
  16. 16. SCD Customers & Industries Food and Beverage 15% Logistics-Transport-3PL 14% Manufacturing 12% Retail 10% CPG 8% Automotive 7% Consulting 7% High Tech and Electronics 6% Academia 4% Chemical 4% Life Sciences 3% Aerospace 2% Pharmaceutical 1% Construction 1% Oil and Gas 1% Other 1% Military and Defense 1% Wholesale Distributor 1% Altra 11% China 2% EMEA 27% North America 57% LATAM 8% Southeast Asia 6% China 1% EMEA 19% LATAM 5% North America 67% Southeast Asia 8% Companies Users
  17. 17. LLamasoft is the Global Leader in Supply Chain Design SUPPLY CHAIN TOP 25 The majority of Gartners Supply Chain Top 25 have designed with LLamasoft technology GLOBALLY ESTABLISHED Customers include LARGEST Global companies Logistics & consulting firms Military supply chains Global health initiatives AWARDED Deloitte Fast 500 Gartner Cool Vendors SDCE Pros to Know 100 Great Supply Chain Projects Inc. 5000 Over 50% of Fortune 100 supply chains designed with LLamasoft Supported more than 2,000 supply chain design initiatives INITIATIVES 2000+ 50% of FORTUNE 100 Experienced supply chain analysts OVER 100


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