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How to Stay Clean after Leaving Drug Rehab

Support Services for Addiction Recovery

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Support Services for Addiction Recovery

1. Counseling2. Inpatient Detox3. Long Term Rehab4. Outpatient Treatment Services5. 12 Step Meetings2

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If your problem is not that severe and you have not experienced much struggle or consequences as a result, you might look into counseling services. This may or may not work for you. In my case, I was hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol, and my family urged me to get help. Seeing a therapist or a counselor for an hour or two each week was a good way for me to pretend to be doing something about my problem.1. Counseling


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Inpatient detox and residential treatment This is really the bread and butter of treating addicts and alcoholics. Checking into drug rehab for detox and a short term program is basically the default solution at this point. If you have tried counseling or going to 12 step meetings without success, then this is the next logical step for you. Seek out inpatient rehab and get checked in.2. Inpatient Detox


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3. Long Term RehabThis is the service of choice when everything else has failed. No one wants to live in rehab, but that is what it takes for some, and can be the start of an awesome new life. Cost can be a factor of course, but some programs are set up to help even the homeless addict or alcoholic to get a fresh start on life. Long term works when other solutions fail, though it is not a cure-all. Seek it out if you are truly desperate.


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4. Outpatient Treatment ServicesSame as inpatient rehab but you sleep at home each night, then come back to rehab the next day. Useless in my opinion, though it does work for some who are especially motivated. If you have environmental factors that can trigger you to use drugs or alcohol, outpatient is not much help because it does nothing to protect you from those triggers. Inpatient does.


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5. 12 Step MeetingsNot really a professional service, but still worthy of mentioning, because some addicts and alcoholics have used them to get clean and sober, and made it work. Price is free if you have no money. Great follow up care for some if you are into this as your main solution for recovery. Worth checking out for anyone because they are widespread and generally very supportive.


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