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  • 1. The International PromotionalMix and Advertising StrategiesDana-Nicoleta LascuChapter 13 Copyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002

2. Chapter Objectives Describe the international promotional mix and theinternational communication process Explore the international advertising formats andpractices around the world Describe the international advertising and mediainfrastructure and infrastructure-related challenges indifferent markets Describe advertising strategies and budgetingdecisions and offer examples of internationalapplicationsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 3. International Promotional Mix Advertising Salesforce Management Sales Promotion Public Relations PublicityCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 4. International Promotional Mix,continuedUnderstanding the norms, motivations, attitudes,interests, and opinions of the target market is crucial tocompany success in marketing to and communicatingwith different cultures around the globe.Copyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 5. International Communication Process SENDER MEDIUM RECEIVERSponsor (sender) encodes message and sends itthrough the channel (medium) to the internationalconsumer (receiver); the international consumerreceives the message and decodes it into meaningfulinformation.Copyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 6. Non-Personal Communication Media Print media Broadcast media Interactive mediaNot widely available in developing countriesCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 7. Personal Media Salespeople Telemarketers Trade show and exhibitsIndividuals can interact with knowledgeable company representativesCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 8. International CommunicationChallenges Media infrastructure Unreliable mail Limited broadcast media Media is not use for advertising Translation deficienciesmeanings intended may notbe the meanings conveyedCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 9. Lessen Communication Challenges1) Hire research firms to evaluate message in multiple international environments2) Evaluate effectiveness communication in attracting target market attention3) Evaluate effectiveness communication in getting consumers to purchase the productCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 10. AdvertisingA nonpersonal communication by an identified sponsoracross international borders, using broadcast, print,and/or interactive media.Copyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 11. Media Infrastructure Availability Reliability Restrictions CostsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 12. Media Reliability Extent to which the existing media reliably reach thetarget consumerPrint lag timesPoor qualityOff-air TelevisionCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 13. Media Restrictions Limitations imposed by existing mediaLimiting the number and types of advertisementsCultural differencesClustered adsMedia schedulingCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 14. Media Costs Differ greatly between countries, and even withina particular countryIncome per capita of target marketCompetition for mediaFirm statusTranslation costsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 15. Various International Formats,Features, and Trends Posters on Kiosks andFences Advertising on the Sides ofPrivate Homes Advertising on PlasticShopping Bags Advertising on OutdoorUmbrellas BillboardsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 16. Global Media Television CNN, Bloomberg, MTV Tonight Show, Disney Fox Broadcasting, 20th CenturyFox, 20th Century TelevisionCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 17. Infomercials & TV Shopping Shopping QVC, Home Shopping Network Home Order TelevisionCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 18. Using English In LocalAdvertisements English:Requires less space in print and broadcasting timeConveys a cosmopolitan attitudeEndows a product or service with statusCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 19. Product PlacementPlacing brands in movies and televisionprogramming with the purpose of promoting theproducts to viewers U.S. movies box-office receipts are steadilyincreasing U.S. films are very successful abroadCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 20. Advertising Regulations Comparative Advertising Advertising to Children Advertising Vice Products Other Regulations:Vary by country; examples: -France: Requirement to keep the French language pure -Islamic countries: Ban the use of sex in advertisingCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 21. International AdvertisingInfrastructure Develop ads in-house Local advertising agencies Home-country agencies International agenciesTop agencies are: -Omnicom Group -Interpublic Group -Young & Rubicam (U.S.) -WPP Group (U.K.) -Dentsu, Inc. (Japan)Copyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 22. International Advertising Strategy Standardization vs. AdaptationStandardization reduces costs: No duplication of effort for each marketIndividual campaigns delay product launchesConsumers increasingly share similar frames of references with regard to products and consumptionCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 23. Barriers to Standardization Communication infrastructure Agencies might not serve a particular market Consumer literacy Legal restrictions and self-regulation Differing values and purchase motivations Attitudes toward product country of origin Promotional mix elementsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 24. Budgeting Decisions Objective-and-Task Method1.Identify advertising goals2.Conduct research3.Determine cost of achieving goals4.Allocate the necessary sum Percent-of-Sales Method Base budget on past or projected salesCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 25. Budgeting Decisions, continued Historical Method Base budget on past expenditures giving more weight torecent expenditures Competitive Parity Use international competitors budgets as benchmark Executive-judgment method Use collective executive opinion All-you-can-afford Best suits small and medium firmsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002 26. Chapter Summary Addressed the international promotional mix and theinternational communication process Explored international advertising formats andpractices around the world Described international advertising and mediainfrastructure, and infrastructure-related challenges indifferent markets Addressed advertising strategies and budgetingdecisionsCopyright Atomic Dog Publishing, 2002


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