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surfers are like a school made in heaven. It's no surprise that vacation and summer surf schools are so popular among kids, teens, and adults alike.


  • 1. Surf School - The Coolest School AroundWhile surf school sounds like a contradictory term, most surfers wouldagree that the thought of surf school sounds dreamy. The idea that youcan go to school and spend the day outdoors, on the beach, in the ocean,honing in your surf skills, hanging out with other surfers is like a schoolmade in heaven. Its no surprise that vacation and summer surf schoolsare so popular among kids, teens, and adults alike.A Surf School for EveryoneSurf schools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like the wavesthemselves. Surf school is ideal for novices who have never touched aboard, beginners with some experience, and for experienced surfers toget expert advice and tips. The surf schools we offer at WB Surf Campinclude: Email: Website:
  • 2. Surf School - The Coolest School Around Overnight Teen Summer Camps Surf Vacations to amazing destinations like Caribbean, Costa Rica, Tortola, Dominican Republic, Australia, Hawaii, and the Bahamas Private Surf Lessons Group Surf LessonsThe WB Surf Camp DifferenceAt WB Surf Camp, you will find dynamic and energetic surf instructorswith a driving passion to properly educate newcomers to the sport ofsurfing.Our surf school instructors understand that being submerged in the everchanging ocean waters can be really frightening for some. However,learning how to read it, respect it, and enjoy it turns the ocean into arelaxing and, most often, therapeutic environment. Our professional surfschool has the determination to reveal this to you no matter where yourefrom or what age you are with every lesson, class, camp, or program.For more than 15 years WB Surf Camp founder Rick Civelli has spentan endless amount of time and energy in establishing working
  • 3. Surf School - The Coolest School Aroundrelationships both locally in North Carolina and in exotic destinationssuch as: Costa Rica Australia Hawaii Barbados BahamasSo for several months throughout the year, Ricks top notch team ofinstructors lead groups of novice and intermediate surfers - teens andadults - on surf adventures around the globe as well as right in his backyard in North Carolina. In every aspect and individual venture you willfind the utmost level of professionalism, safety standards, surfingeducation, and fun!Sign Up for Surf School TodayLearn more about our Overnight Teen Summer Camps and Adult SurfVacations. You can sign up for our surf schools online and get started ona top notch education!For more info about Surf School - The Coolest School AroundVisit