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CCHMC Summer InternshipEthan PoweleitDixie Heights High School

Pulmonary Medicine & Sleep ResearchMentor: Dr. Raouf AminBiomedical Engineer: Keith McConnell

Sleep ResearchPolysomnography (Sleep Study)32 BiomarkersRespiratory CO2Respiratory RateO2 Levels in the BloodDiagnose Sleep Disorders

Development of the Respiratory Control SystemPremature PatientsRespiratory Issues Common if Born EarlyGestational Age from 24-36 and FullAssist Neonatologists in DischargeStudy in Progress

Plan/Control ModelModel of how we got our dataPlant * Controller = Loop Gain (LG)High LG InstabilityLow LG StablePhase Angles

Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 201 (2014) 84-92

What I Focused OnAnalyzing SighsECO2Respirations (Thoraco-abdominal)N/O FlowPressureSaO2 (Oxygen Saturation)


Shadowing OpportunitiesPulmonary MedicineChronic Lung Disease of PrematurityCongenital Heart DefectEmergency MedicineSeizureToe LacerationBat BiteNeurology (Clinic)Headaches 30-40%Febrile Seizures

FutureUniversity of KentuckyBiologyPre-Med TrackSTEMCats

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