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Surprising Science

Surprising (or Mind-Blowing) ScienceBy Kevin W. Rusch

Factoid #1:Quark Pairs and HadronsQuarks are elementary particles and a fundamental constituent of matter. They are also the smallest particles ever discovered.

They come only in pairs known as Hadrons. If you try to separate two of them, the energy you sink into the system to accomplish this feat is exactly the energy necessary to spontaneously create two more quarks - one to partner with each of those you pulled apart.

Factoid #2:Intergalactic BodiesThe prevalent Theory on the origin of life holds that the elements and substances necessary for life to flourish were formed in the core of exploding stars and eventually landed on earth.

Our bodies atoms are traceable to supernova stars that scattered their chemical enrichment across the cosmos, spawning the birth of star systems that contain planets, at least one of them containing life.

Factoid #3:The God Helmet (A.K.A. The Koren Helmet)The God Helmet is a neuroscientific apparatus invented by Stanley Koren. When worn, it can induce Out-Of-Body Experiences, feelings of a supernatural presence, and even visions from superstitious gods. This is often used by skeptics and secularists to back up the idea that supposedly paranormal events are merely a cognitive malfunction.

It has been used for research purposes, and can be viewed at the Laurentian University in Canada.

Factoid #4:Visual Time TravelThe light emitted from a star one billion light-years away is just now reaching our eyes - so the star may be dead by now, but we wont be able to visually witness its death for another billion years. We are essentially looking at the past when we look at the stars, and the farther into space we look, the farther into the past we can see.

Expanding on that Idea, because the speed of light is a definite value, everything we see even someone standing right in front of you is actually an image of the past.Factoid #5:Timeless Photons

Time slows relative to the speed of light, which means that photons are essentially not moving through time at all.

Thus, Photons have no ticking time, which means, as far as they are concerned, they are absorbed the instant they are emitted, even if the distance traveled is across the universe itself.Factoid #6:CassiniHuygens Space ProbesCassini-Huygens is a project by NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency, whose primary objective it is to study Saturn and its rings. The Project has since expanded to study the entire Solar System, and has returned data on Heliospheres, Venus, Jupiter, and Relativity Tests.

The most astonishing breakthrough thus far has been the successful landing of the Huygens Probe on the surface of Titan a moon 1,216 Billion Kilometers away from us.

Other interesting results are the confirmationof liquid lakes on Titan, the discovery of seven new moons orbiting Saturn, and having assisted in the successful simulation of a perfect Galaxy on a Supercomputer

Factoid #6:CassiniHuygens Space Probes (Pictures)

Factoid #6:CassiniHuygens Space Probes (Pictures Cont.)

Factoid #7:Biosynthetic OrgansResearchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital successfully animated a (bio-)synthetic rat heart and implanted it into a Rat withheart disease.

The same results have been achieved with Rat Lungs, Livers, and some glands.

Miscellaneous FactsScientists have created clothing that uses a coating made from a compound of titanium dioxide to automatically clean and deodorize itself when exposed to light.

Researchers at MIT have successfully visualized photons in motion using a camera that captures 1 trillion frames per second.

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