surrealism photo manipulation. what does surrealism mean?

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SURREALISM Photo manipulation

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SURREALISM Photo manipulation

What does SURREALISM mean?



• Surrealism Art movement in the 1924-1950’s in Europe.

• Fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible.

• Surrealism is an invented word "sur" means beyond or farther than, so "surreal" means to go beyond real.

• Surrealism tried to meld the conscious and the unconscious, the world of dreams and fantasy along with reality so that the line between these ideas was completely blurred.

• wanted to shock their viewers with the unexpected and make people think in new ways.

SCALE Changing an object’s scale, or relative size.

Personal Values


LEVITATION Floating objects that don’t normally float


JUXTAPOSITION Joining two images together in impossible combinations

DISLOCATIONTaking an object from its usual environment and placing it in an unfamiliar one


TRANSPARENCY Making objects transparent that are not usually transparent


TRANSFORMATION Changing objects in unusual way


FOR EXAMPLE…• DREAMS• Have you ever dreamt

about a person or place, but in your dream they looked different?

• Have you ever dreamt you were floating?

• Were you huge? Were you tiny?

• Have you ever dreamt you had special powers like flying, swimming underwater, walking on the moon…

MOVIESAlice in Wonderland, Avatar, Willy Wonka…

FAIRY TALES3 little pigs, woman who lived in a shoe…

Your project requirements

• Main character (human, animal, machine)• Additional object• Background• Incorporate one of your own photographs• Use photoshop• Consistent lighting• Tell a story (not just random objects, have a

theme or a message to tell)