Susan Mercer's UXPA 2014 Presentation, "Using Design Psychology for Evil"

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Susan Mercer presents "Super Heroes and Super Villains: Using Design Psychology for Good (and Evil)". At IGNITE UXPA 2014 in London.


<ul><li> 1. 2014 Using DesignPsychology for EvilSusan Mercer, Mad*Pow@susanamercer</li></ul> <p> 2. The Evil VillainsEvil Woman Evil US Corporation@susanamercer @MadPow 3. The Perfect Victim@susanamercer @MadPow 4. Eager Cavalier with technology@susanamercer @MadPow 5. Anticipating@susanamercer @MadPow 6. Desperate@susanamercer @MadPow 7. Scholarships!@susanamercer @MadPow 8. Evil TrapSSoocciiaall PPrrooooff@susanamercer @MadPow 9. Application Step 1Spam MeTrick QuestionTTrruusstt MMee@susanamercer @MadPow 10. Application Step 1DDiissgguuiisseedd AAddLooks like AppformMMiissddiirreeccttiioonn@susanamercer @MadPow 11. Application Step 2More ads = More $$$For Evil Corporation@susanamercer @MadPow 12. Application Step 3MMoorree EEvviill AAddss!!@susanamercer @MadPow 13. Application Step 4FFiinnaall SStteepp@susanamercer @MadPow 14. Application Step 4AAnnootthheerr $$!!@@%% AAdd@susanamercer @MadPow 15. Scholarship ListHHeeyy $$77,,550000!!@susanamercer @MadPow 16. Scholarship DetailsFFrriieenndd SSppaamm@susanamercer @MadPow 17. Result@susanamercer @MadPow 18. Moral of the Story@susanamercer @MadPow 19. Be Good, Not EvilEvil Woman Wonder Woman@susanamercer @MadPow 20. Be Good, Not EvilEvil Woman Wonder Woman@susanamercer @MadPow 21. References and Photo Credits Names of Patterns: Screenshots: Photo Credits: PPG Place: HS Classroom: Teen with Art: Teen texting: Purple &amp; white gowns: University of Chicago Campus: One Thousand Dollars: $20 in plant pots: Junk mail: Sad Teen: One Million Dollars: Wonder Woman: @MadPow </p>