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  • 1. PAK SUZUKI MOTOR COMPANYPresented by Group #2 Abeer Saleem Faiz Hasan Javeria Rauf Muhammad Yousuf Ansari Nimra Khan Ubaid Ahmed Zohaib ArifKarachi University Business School (KUBS),University of Karachi.

2. CULTUSDrive the Executives Way. 3. INDUSTRYVALUE Strongest, international manufacturers of finest automobiles. Surprises you, amazes you, pleases you, and open your eyes to a world-wide brands. Sets personal bests year after year. SUZUKI OFFERS SUZUKI: MORE THAN YOU YOU THINK Creditability. Builds more cars than Mazda, Reliability. BMW and Subaru combined. Affordability. Profitable for 59 years straight. Resale Value. Number 3rd selling cars in Being Charismatic. Pakistan. Comfort ability. Fuel efficient. 4. MAJOR PLAYERS MACRO ENVIRONMENT FACTORS Toyota Indus Motors Company Suzuki launched such products which Atlas Honda Companynot only delivers the superior value but Pak Suzuki Company also augmented products to all theclasses of the people. Ghandhara Nissan Swift Dongfeng Motor Corporation Liana Ghani Automobile Industries Cultus Hyundai Motors Alto Dewan Farooque Motors Mehran Master Motors APV Sigma Motors Jimny TCM Automobiles Bolan VanSPECIAL REFERENCE OF CULTUS Cargo Van Toyota: Vitz, Belta 1000 cc Ravi Pickup Hundai: Santro 1000 cc Kia :Classic, Pride, Picanto 1000 cc Nissan: Trovit 1000 cc 5. GROWING MIDDLE CLASSES OF PAKISTAN. Suzuki specially considers Customers purchasing power Demographic, Cultural and Natural factors. Examples are: ALTO, MEHRAN, BOLAN VAN, RAVI PICKUP DEMOGRAPHIC ENVIRONMENT Consider the Size, Density, Location, Age, Gender, Race, Occupation and other statisticsof people . Pak Suzuki lunches products that delivers the superior value. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Suzuki and the World: A Commitment to Our One and Only Planet. Right choice for their enthusiastic owners. Engineered to be as fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible as possible. Reduces fuel costs, air pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions. Provide their owners, safety and comfort. 6. MARKET SHARES AND POSITIONS Suzuki stands at 1st with 50.36% of total market share Toyota stands at 2nd with 33% share Honda stands at 3rd with 12% of market & Daihatsu at 4th with 5%.PAST PERFORMANCE Automotive contributed 23 billion in 2003-04. Through out 90s production capacity was 45000 units/annum whichincreased to 120000 units/annumFUTURE OUTLOOK 170 million population with 35% living in urban has tremendouspotential market. Increasing middle class gives a green light for flourishment 7. COMPANY PROFILEHISTORY STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS(SBU) Pak Suzuki Motor Company Automobilewas incorporated in 1983 Motorcycles Opened a new Plant at BinQasim (Expansion) Market Leader of the IndustryMICRO-ENVIRONMENT Employs about more than Customers1500 employees Company Suppliers Marketing Intermediaries 8. LAYOUT AND THE MESSAGE Cultus is a blend of space and craft. Its trim body conceals ample space,flexibility for both passengers andstorage. Suzuki Cultus assures everyone,exceptional value and quality.COMMUNICATION: Pakistan are associated with middle class families People usually get to know about cars in Pakistan through word ofmouth. large section of automobile operates with second hand dealers 9. PROMOTION AND COMMMUNICATION STRATEGYCORPORATE IMAGE: To provide top quality products to the satisfaction and requirement ofcustomer. Conduct operations in compliance with applicable environmental,occupational health & safety laws and regulations. Where existing laws &regulations are not adequate.BRAND MANAGEMENT: They thrive on technology and have created a niche for themselvesworldwide. They keep up bringing new innovations in their armory toattract the consumer and to capture the market. In 2011 Kizashi Sport GTS and SLS, Suzuki continues their tradition ofoffering modern features to their customers with affordability. Expandingupon what called One of the most exciting cars of 2010, 10. DIFFERENTIATION OF CULTUS It has electronically synchronized factory-fitted CNG. Special car financing and having insurance facilities. Cultus has a higher resale value and its spare parts are also easilyavailablePOSITIONING STATEMENTS Position as a compact car in the market Designed to drive well off at road Cultus assures everyone, exceptional value and qualityATTRIBUTES OF CULTUS Style Design Concept Interior Exterior Technical Specifications: CNG Color Price: Rs. 865,000/-BRAND PERSONALITY OF CULTUS For people who want competency and sophistication through drivingexperience, so Cultus is the right choice for them. Drive the Executive way 11. SEGMENTATION:GEOGRAPHICAL SEGMENTATIONPakistanDestiny: Urban Areas. 12. DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION 13. PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION BEHAVIARAL SEGMENTATION: Social Class: Attitude: Upper Middles and Lower Uppers Positive, indifferent and enthusiastic. Lifestyle: Achievers, Passionate Benefits Sought: Speed and convenience. Personality: Authoritarian and ambitious. User Status: New users, potential users. User Rate: Medium user.TARGET SEGMENTS Monthly income 90000+ salary Purchased by companies for their managers Executive car: Drive the Executive way. 14. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Fuel efficient and good Body is not solidlooking car. Boot space is not having Less air resistance due tosufficient spaceshape 1000 cc engine is best fit withbody. Good resale value.OPPURTUNITIES THREATS Horrible sounds & jerks on Easily modified.bad roads. Converted to power version. Price is too high which Different type of enginedoesnt match with theswaps are possible. todays income size. 15. FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS February 24th President Asif Ali Zaradari invited leading automobile industries to invest in Pakistan. So government can be accredited for its sincerity in efforts. Japan is the 4th largest investor in the automobile sector in Pakistan which includes Suzuki and other giants like Indus motors and Hindo Pak motors. Due to the decline in the duty of the second hand cars in Pakistan, Suzuki has the great incentive. Due to the lower price level, there is an huge incentive for the consumer. But competition also gets stiff. They should compete with the other brands in the market so it can increase its performance but should not lose its target audience which is upper middle and lower class. 16. THANK YOU


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