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a children's book made in mr.deyo's art unleashed.


  • Swim Fishy, Swim

  • Once upon a time there lived 4 bigFishys who lived in theOcean.

  • There also lived a little fishyWho was purple with green Polka dots named Sally and aDolphin named Dani.

  • All her life Sally wanted to do awesome tricks just like all the other Fishys. So she waved her fins and tried to do a flip but she fell to the bottom of the ocean.

  • But some Of the bigger Fishys saw

    This happen and laughedTheir heads off.

  • The little fishy was very sad.

  • So once again the little fishy Waved her fins and tried to do a flip.

  • But some of theBigger fishys Saw this happen and laughed their heads off.

  • The little fishy was very sad so she went home and looked around but all she she was a few shells on the ground and some string on her dresser so she made a bracelet for Dani because She had always been their for her.

  • The little fishy was very proud and was excited to see her friend.

  • Dani was also excited to see Sally and even more excited to see the beautiful bracelet that was made just for her. The other fishys saw how nice Sally was and wanted to have somebody that would be that way.

  • So all the fishys were best friends forever. The End

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