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How does owning a pool effect your home?


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    In places where pools are common, "a house with-out a pool would be harder to sell," said Brian Van Bower, president of Aquatic Consultants Inc., a pool-design firm based in Florida.

    Seven in 10 Arizona homes have pools, said Roger Soares II, president of Hydroscapes LLC, a pool-design and construction company based in Ari-zona. "In a lot of areas it's not a need, but here it's a necessity because it's so hot."

    Often times, homeowners would rather buy a home with a pool than have to install it them-selves, Soares said. If you do buy a home that al-ready has a pool, make sure to get it looked at by a qualified pool inspector, said Suzanne Barrows, spokeswoman for the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. But if you're already settled and are contemplating buying a pool for your home, it's best to think before you dive.

    Above-ground pools traditionally don't add any value to a home come resale time, according to research from the National Association of Real-tors. They also aren't much of a deterrent to buy-ers because they can be easily removed.

    It's not enough of an economic factor to influence the sale either way. A seller might even take the pool down and bring it to their new home.

    In-ground pools have a different story.

    They do tend to add value to a home -- about 7.7%, according to National Association of Real-tors statistics. Regionally, in-ground pools will add about 5% to the value of a home in the Northeast

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    How Does Owning a Pool Effect You?


    Debbie Heisler

    part of the country, about 6% in the Midwest and 7.5% in the Southeast and West. In the Southwest, a swimming pool will add nearly 11% to the home's value.

    But because they're permanent, buyers who aren't interested in the upkeep or the energy costs of in-ground pools may turn away from a home with one, Perry said. Heated pools especially can run up a power bill, he said.

    The feature seems to interfere more often in the sale

    of lower-pricedhomes -- homes with selling prices of less than $200,000, Perry said. On the higher end of the market, a pool doesn't seem to be a factor and will probably even enhance a home's appeal, he said.

    In general, in-ground pools will usually return 50% of their original cost when the home is sold, Perry said.

    Depending on location, the age of the pool and maintenance given throughout its lifetime, the return could be even less.

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    Your own enjoyment, therefore, should be the primary reason for installing a pool.

    If you are going to put in a pool, be sure that you are

    comfortable where you are and that you will be there for at least 5 years, this way you will realize the full benefit from your large pur-chase physically and financially.

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