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Switch Summer Internship Liberate Your Mind (See what I did there?)

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Switch Summer Internship

Liberate Your Mind(See what I did there?)

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Which department/role do you want to work in?

• I feel that I have the ability to help out in multiple roles for this internship.

• My goal is to be able to impact a campaign or project on a larger strategic level, not just complete my responsibility and move on.

• With experience in teaching, social media management, copywriting, research, and planning I can be a valuable asset to any agency.

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I can help with…

• Research and Planning• Interactive and Digital Marketing• Copywriting• Account Services and Marketing• Event Production

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Why do you want to intern at Switch?

• I want to be an intern at Switch multiple reasons• Experiential Marketing is my jam

– I think there is no better way to make an impact with an audience than through interaction

• Big time clients– Call it pride, call it competiveness, call it whatever

you want but I want to be apart of significant work for big brands.

• Company culture– I have had the pleasure of meeting many people who

work for Switch over the last year and they have had nothing but great things to say about the company.

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What unique abilities can you offer Switch?

• I can offer a unique arsenal of skills that will allow me to adapt to any situations.

• I have experience in– Managing corporate events– Producing corporate events– Teaching high school students– Setting up service opportunities for a Springfield

Service organization– Social media planning, copywriting and management

for 7 local businesses– Research and presentation creation for Javelin and

NoCoast Originals– Event promotion and ticket sales

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7 Interesting Things About Me

1. Spent a month at a bear orphanage in Croatia during the summer of 2010

2. Certified to teach history, social sciences, and economics in the state of Missouri

3. Have a tattoo of my name on the inside of my lip, thus proving that 18 year olds are, in fact, stupid

4. The co Social Media and Blog lead for REBUS5. Raised over a thousand dollars for Relay for Life through a

2’am pancake and mimosa breakfast at my loft in Springfield, Mo.

6. Will be planning and producing my own REBUS event later on this year titled “Evolution”

7. Currently sporting a 4.0 in grad school at Webster University

Bonus thing: I have a Shih Tzu named Tank. He loves treats.

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• I believe that no person in advertising should only be good at one thing. A copywriter should understand the role of the planner, the designer should understand copy concepts. I feel that some agency employees can become too specialized, thus wasting their talents.

• Oh and I also secretly really like Pina Coladas. I don’t know why.

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Odds and Ends

• @RyanFarrellStl

• For recommendations please refer to my LinkedIn profile

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Thanks for your time.