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<ul><li><p>Engine start</p><p>The start/stop system can help you to save fuel and reduce CO2 emis-sions. How does it work? Simple: the engine switches off automaticallywhen you stop the car, e.g. at a red traffic light and starts up againautomatically when you are ready to drive off.</p><p>Engine stop</p><p>ON</p><p>OFF</p><p>1</p><p>Standard equipment in this Audi</p><p>Apply the brakes and wait for thevehicle to come to a standstill </p><p>Before you drive off again </p><p>Press the clutch pedal Put the gear lever in neutral </p><p>Take your foot off the clutchpedal </p><p>The engine will start up againautomatically </p><p>The engine will switch offautomatically </p><p>The indicator lamp willgo out </p><p>The indicator lamp willlight up.</p><p>Select first gear and drive off.</p><p>Start/stop systemSwitching the start/stop system on/off</p><p>The start/stop system is automatically activated each time theignition is switched on. You can switch the system off if you don'twant to use it: just press the switch.</p><p>The start/stop system only operates when </p><p> the drivers door and the bonnet are closed,</p><p> the driver's seat belt is buckled,</p><p> the vehicle has already been moving at over 4 km/h,</p><p> a trailer is not hitched up to the vehicle.</p><p>The engine will not switch off if </p><p> the engine is still cold,</p><p> the interior temperature selected on the airconditioner has not yet been reached,</p><p> the exterior temperature is very high/low,</p><p> the windscreen is being defrosted,</p><p> the parking aid or park assist is switched on,</p><p> the battery charge is too low,</p><p> the steering wheel is close to full lockor the vehicle is being steered,</p><p> the vehicle was in reverse gear priorto stopping,</p><p> the vehicle is on a steep gradient.</p><p>The engine cuts in automatically without interventionfrom the driver if </p><p> the vehicle starts to roll,</p><p> the windscreen is being defrosted,</p><p> there is a large difference between the temperature selected onthe air conditioner and the actual temperature inside the vehicle,</p><p> the brake pedal is pressed several times in succession,</p><p> the battery charge is too low,</p><p> the power consumption is too high.</p><p> 2009 AUDI AGNo part of this publication may be reprinted, reproduced or translated withoutthe written permission of AUDI AG. All rights under the laws of copyright areexpressly reserved by AUDI AG. </p><p>Start-Stop-System englisch 5.09 101.562.8ST.20</p><p>This guide explains briefly how the start/stop system works.However, it cannot replace the Owners Manual which containsimportant information and safety warnings.</p><p>Symbolin display</p></li></ul>